Saturday, March 05, 2011

We're Moving!

This would be followed by a YAY!! And is, for the most part, but I want it on the record that we are very sad to be leaving our neighborhood. We LOVE our ward! Nik is the Scout Master and is going on 3 years in that calling. That is a good 3/4 of the time we have been in the ward. He has accomplished so many great things with those boys, and it makes us both sad that he won't be there to help them all to their Eagles. I have been teaching that same age group (the 14-18 year old youth) in Sunday School for more than a year, and, believe it or not, I LOVE my calling! I very much enjoy being able to teach the youth the Gospel. It really reminds me what I was going through at that age, and I feel privileged to be the one that brings them these stories, and answers their questions at such an important age. I love that I have life experience now that relates to the gospel. And because I was not necessarily raised in the church, and I can relate to more of my class. Some of them are from homes with only one parent active, or they are the only ones active. I love all of them. I know its cliche, but being with them has taught me so much. I will miss them all.

We connected so quickly with this ward. They loved us from the beginning, not knowing how long we would be here. In fact, we are the longest running couple in the apartments right now (just shy of 4 years). To my knowledge. We have watched so many friends come and go, it makes me feel good that we got so much time here. Please keep us up to date on the parties and such, cause you know we will come back!!

What I will not miss: My apartment. It has been home, yes, but I think it was Managements goal to make it as difficult as possible to live here. I could go on for a long time about them, but I choose not too. Just know that I am glad to have a place of my own, regardless of what it needs done to it.

So, on to the house stuff! It is in Sandy. It is near the mall. The closest grocery store is Reams. Guess which one of those I am disappointed by?......................Thats right! Reams! Yuk. That was the closest store when we lived in Cottonwood Heights too, but we had the option of a Dan's just down the road. Now I have to go like 10 minutes out of my way to get to a Harmon's. And I will. I will really miss Smith's though. I have very much enjoyed being so close to that store. Is it weird that I am sad to be leaving my grocery store?

The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths. Two fire places and a two car garage. The back yard is HUGE so yes, you can come over. Nik is excited to have a place to paint, and I am looking forward to having space to do my glass. It will be the same space so I hope we still love each other by the time this is all over :)

I will need lots of help moving though......anyone want to volunteer? We are planning to move at the end of March, but there are no guarantees cause we don't have the keys yet. Oh, and we aren't packed. Like, at all. Oh well. I am sure we will get there. Oh, hey, if you want to come help with that too?

I am willing to take any and all home-ownership advice. Also, financial advice. It is scary how broke we will be for a while. How did y'all do it?

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Me too, me too!!

Because I am a follower, and its a SUPER cool machine, I am here to blog about another blogs give away. The Bragging Mommy is giving away a Silhouette. If you don't know what that is, please check it out, cause, in my opinion, it blows the Cricut out of the water. And I want one!! By blogging about it, I get an extra 10 entries and I could really use them. Thanks Craft With Confidence, for letting me know about the contest! I hope one of us wins!