Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Celebrity Love Match

After reading who Mimi's love match was, I felt compelled to find out my own. And know my husband would approve!

Check it out for yourself!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Don't fall asleep

Last night I was at my parents house for dinner and a movie. Regretfully, Nik was sick and unable to make it. Dinner was great and I made Jello-poke-cake for dessert. When I arrived, my brother Mason was streched out on the couch asleep, as usual. He shifted enough to make room for me and Jeff (it is a big couch)and went back to sleep. Through out the evening he was awake for maybe ten minutes, total. So, when I started painting my fingernails sparkly orange, I couldn't resist taking advantage of Mason's feet reaching towards me. Slowly the rest of my family realized what I was doing and we were all suffering from fits of silent laughter as I finished my task. My mom and Jeff even took pictures of the finished product on numerous camera phones and with the family digital.

Unfortunatly, I hear this morning that Mason deleted the pictures. Sad, I know. It was great fun, and he looked pretty good with orange polish. He should consider it as a future addition. In my defense, I have never done this to my brothers before, so I figured, as an older sister, it was time to fullfill my calling.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Met the Robinsons

As many of you know by now, I was dying to see the new Disney Animation Studio movie, "Meet the Robinsons." Every time I see the commercial with the dinosaur I laugh out loud. Even now.

On Friday night Nik and I decided to go to a "big" movie and I was delighted when he suggested "Meet the Robinsons." We went to the Union Heights theater up by my house, but unfortunatly it was not a 3-D showing. That just means I will have to see it again! I have to admit that I laughed all the way through. I even almost cried a little at the end. Even now as I write I am thinking about that dinosaur. My new favorite line from the movie is one that is repeated a few times by different characters, "I just don't think this plan was well thought through."

This movie was full of hilarious situations, colorful characters, and fantastic dialog. Overall I think this was a great movie. Nik says he had it figured out from the begining, but I told him it was supposed to be a kids show, so I would have been more surprised if he hadn't got it at the begining. I will say though, that there is a slightly scary part toward the end that I warn those with young children about. Nothing gruesome or anything, just a little scary, and maybe a tad disturbing if they understand the connotations. I will explain more if you really want.

I want to see it again soon, so anyone who hasnt seen it, let me know, I wil tag along.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Whats in a purse?

In acceptance of Lou's challenge, I am posting a list of the random things in my purse. On a similar note, my mom recently threw a Mary Kay party for me and my girlfriends, and we played the "whats in your purse" points game that we played at my ward RS Birthday Party. I didnt win, but I was second place. My friend Ana won, but she had three books in her purse. Lucky.

Checkbook wallet includes:
one and a half sticks of spearmint gum
plastic (debit, Costco, school ID, library card)
many movie ticket stubs from about a year back
drivers license
SS card ( i know, take that out ASAP)
3 Yu-gi-oh cards
many fortunes
a guitar pick
full size Avon Lotion
smal tin of mints from Hot Topic, its a kick-A** tin too
unopened packet of Orbit Spearmint gum
watch with wedding ring attached
Nursery closet key
keys with 2 sharpie mini's attached
2 trial size Mary Kay "Embrace Today" lotions
2 Bath and Body works lip glosses, one Apple Torte, one Tinted MInt
one chinese die
small bottle of hand sanitizer gel
Asprin bottle with various pain killers inside
one black pen
one regular tampon (sorry if that offends anyone)
silver heart pendant necklace
plastic spider ring from halloween

There, that is everything that is in my purse, and now that I know this, i will remove about half of it. Sometimes I am amazed at what fits in my little flowered purse.

While looking through what I have in here, I started to think about what the junk in my purse must say about me. I found a few sites on the matter, and one that will help us all get a little more organized. I hope you enjoy them.

I tag Polli and my mom!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Big Break?

For the last few weeks I have been researching stained glass companies here in SLC and asking if any of them will have positions open around when I graduate. Of all the emails I sent out, I got one response. Mike Green from Green Glass Art contacted me about three days ago saying that he would be needing some help on a few projects and would love me to come down to his studio and talk to him in person. I was so excited I almost wet myself! He informed me that while he didn't have any full-time positions open right now, several of his project-by-project employees have gone on to full time positions in other glass studios. So that was encouraging.

Mike and his company have done work for many LDS Temples, the Assembly Hall, The Joseph Smith Memorial Building, etc. Please, check out his site, on the ARTISTS BIO page, and see all the work he has done!

Monday, April 09, 2007


This last Sunday was mine and Nik's first easter being married. I can't say "together", cause it is like our third. Around Thursday I told Nik that I would like to do Easter baskets for each other. I was doing one for him anyway, and I wanted one too. Can you blame me? Anyway, true to form, sometime around Saturday night at 11:00pm, I still had no easter basket. Luckily I did not have to do any persuading to get Nik to take a trip to Wallys World that night. I would just like to say that Easter in the English house was a tremendous success. We both had full baskets, there was lots of candy, and we had a great time hiding the baskets. We had to take turns, given the smallness of our house, but it was great fun anyway.

I hope everyone had a fantastic easter. I am excited for future holidays with my husband!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Today I am going to talk about me. It is one of my favorite subjects! Only this time, I am hoping that other people are interested too. I will be graduating in May and I will be looking for a full time job. This blog is to make people aware of what I do, so maybe they can help me with my job search. I will try to make it as little like a resume as possible.

Name: Lena Michelle English
Age: 22
Degree: Associate of Arts and Science in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia(in May)

I am looking for a full time job, prefferably with medical benefits, and that pays at least $10.50/hour. I am good at receptionist and assistant positions, but would rather something a little more hands on. I do graphic design (forms, ad layout, banners, hand outs, etc.), stained glass, a little painting, some photography, and some clay work.

I am looking for something that will challenge my artistic skills but also allow me to contribute positively to the company. I think an entry level designer would be perfect. I need a company that understands that I am just out of college so I don't have a ton of experience, and that would be willing to help me get that experience.

If anyone knows of any of these type positions available, please let me know, or give them my email: lena.dumas@gmail.com. I have resumes available. Thank you for your help.