Friday, May 23, 2008

I have a cure for Leprosy!

For the last few months I have had this spot on my eye lid that closely resembles Leprosy. Well, I'm not sure HOW closely it resembles it, but either way, my skin was falling off and it was not pretty.

When I was in high school I got a funny rash called Pitoriosis Rosiea (I am sure I spelled that wrong, but it is as close as I am going to come), which translated from Latin means Red Spots. Origional huh? Anyway, ever since that went away I have had periodic red, flaky spots about the size of a dime. I didn't think anything of it till I got a couple of bigger, redder spots. I finally went to the doctor and he said it was Leprosy. No, not really, he said it was eczema. And he gave me a cream to put on it to make it go away. I was skeptical, but it seems to be working. I have less of a creepy red spot. This might be more of what Steph was talking about with TMI, but what are blogs for, if not to share our most intimate moments with people who hardly care?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I forgot to mention in the Anniversary post the gift I/We received. Nik gave me the new Jason Mraz CD. I did't even know it was out! It is pretty good. So far there are only one or two that have really stuck out to me, the rest are pretty mellow, which is ok, it just takes longer for me to warm up to them. He also got me a cute little green watering can for my house plants. It is so great! I have just been using cups from the cuppord, and this works so much better. I think the plants might just survive the summer.

My parents were way too generous and got us tickets to the upcoming Dave Matthews Band concert out at USANA in August. Nik is freaking out. He is so excited. Dave is his favorite band and he has missed them coming the last 2 time. The sad thing is that the last time Dave came (two years ago) he came with Jason Mraz, my favorite artist. And we missed it! Bummer. This show should be a good time though, it is my first Dave concert. I am glad it is with Nik.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I married him for the adventure.

Or at least that's what he tells me. I will give this warning now, this WILL be a long post. You've been warned.

Sunday, May 18th was mine and Nik's 2nd anniversary. We had made no plans except that I took Monday off so we could have a full day together. Some time late Sunday afternoon we received confirmation that we could indeed go to Nik's cabin. Which we weren't expecting. So we hurried and packed our bags, told Charlie that we would not, in fact, be making it to his dinner that night, and headed off. We left about quarter to seven and after stopping for gas and picking up the key from Nik's aunt, we were on our way.

Shortstop: Did anyone hear about the accident up Parley's Canyon? After being pulled over by the police, a man sped off and crossed the median and headed straight into a tanker. He was killed. The resulting accident closed east bound Parley's Canyon (all 3 lanes).

That accident was "supposed" to be cleaned up in a couple of hours, and we left at least 3 hours after it happened, so when we saw the police cars blocking the entrance to the canyon, our spirits sank. We were not out of ideas though. We turned around and I called my Dad. He was kind enough to check UDOT for us and found that they really had no idea when it was going to be opened. We tried our luck again with the other entrance, and found no police blocking our way, but quickly found that that did not make a difference. We were stuck at Exit 133. Just short of the East Canyon exit. Numerous cars and semi trucks had pulled off to the side as to not get stuck in the lines of traffic backed up from mile marker 137, where the clean up was taking place. We pulled off as well and Nik got out to talk to some of the people there and heard a rumor that the road would be open at eight. It was now 7:30. Wait in the car for at least a half an hour, hoping it would open, or turn around and find something else to do. We chose something else. What else, though, we didn't know.

Nik suggested seeing a movie to pass the time, so we headed down to the Gateway and found that not only were there no movies playing before ten, but nothing is open on Sunday! I know, I know, Sabbath, we talked about it. So with nothing open, and no plans for a place to stay (besides giving up and going home, which was not acceptable) we took out the trusty Lappy and sat outside the Apple Store (the suck, but they have WiFi) and looked up hotel possibilities. While Nik was on the Lappy I called Dad again to see if there was any progress on the road in the last hour and a half. Nope. Nothing. He gave us the website and we looked at the traffic cameras and saw that none of the semi's that were stopped with us had moved. It was now nine o'clock. We decided to stay someplace nicer, since it had been a bad evening, and after all the possibilities, it was only a little more to go to the Anniversary Inn than say, Little America. And they still had some cheap rooms available, so we headed to 5th south. They were really nice and we went right up to our room. I didn't know that the AI went that high up. We just kept climbing! It was a beautiful room though, The Rose Garden Room. It even had brick walls. The bath tub was huge, and since we were both exhausted, that was the first thing on the agenda. We put in Indiana Jones number 2 while the tub filled (it took forever!) and after the bath we were both so relaxed that we barely made it through the rest of the movie.

Despite being very relaxed, I still didn't sleep very well. Foreign bed and all. The next morning they brought us breakfast right on time, and we took another bath. And this might give my mom a heart attack, but, seeing as it was our anniversary, we did the typical anniversary stuff, and near the end we may or may not have called a friends house. I had my phone on the bed. I will not mention who it was, just in case they didn't know it happened. But if it was you, we apologize, it was an accident.

Not wanting to go right home, we went back to the Gateway and saw The Chronicle's of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Nik REALLY wanted to see this, and I was "meh" about the whole thing, but I was surprised. It was a really good show. The prince is cute, which doesn't hurt, but the story was interesting and as Nik pointed out, the children are much better actors, so you sympathize with them more. There were good fight scenes and there is one that is a little sad. Good show.

After the movie we walked around some of the shops and got lunch, then headed back home. I took a little nap while Nik played video games and then we headed out again. To Target! With nothing particular on our shopping list, we weren't there too long, but we did buy a paper shredder. And Nik bought me a little green watering can as part of my "Versary" present. A couple more stops and we were back home. Nik made some great burgers for dinner, and even though my twice baked potatoes didn't work out, I figured out a way to make something work, and we had a very fulfilling dinner.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend. Thank you Nik for making me so happy for the last two (or more) years. You are a wonderful man. I love you so much, and I always will.

So here we are, 11:07pm, on the eve of starting full time at work. I should really go to bed. Oh, and stay tuned for pictures of the adventure. Didn't have a chance to download the camera yet....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Poll Results

So, who plays the sexiest superhero? Looks like it is Christian Bale, hands down. Well, of the 7 people that voted, he had three votes, and the other four were split between Robert Downey Jr. (my choice after Ironman) and Hugh Jackman. That one surprised me a little. Poor Val Kilmer (as Batman in Batman Forever, alongside Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones, Chris O'Donnell, and Drew Barrymore) didn't get any votes! I remember he was quite the heart throb after that movie came out. Maybe it was the hard rubber muscles. I know thats what I liked. I guess that is part of what I like about Ironman too, only his suit is hard metal. Not quite as forgiving. Maybe if we could get Mr. Downey Jr in the Batman suit....oops. Now I am day dreaming. Back to the post. Congradulations to Christian Bale, the new Batman. I look forward to your movie this summer.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Come On, Eileen!

You know how sometimes you are just having a bad day, and then you hear a song on the radio and suddenly your whole day is better? That happened to me today. I was feeling pretty crappy, and not happy about needing to go to work feeling so crappy, and half way to work I hear this song. Part of the "90's At Noon" on 101.9, which I usually don't listen to because I despise most 90's music. But not as much as most 80's music. But that is besides the point. Anyway, I hear "Come On Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners (don't you just love one hit wonders?) and my whole out look on the day changed! Suddenly I was feeling marginally better, work was going to be ok today, and I was pretty sure that Nik and I would be naming our first born daughter Eileen. I haven't brought up this point with him yet, so everyone wish me luck.

I have linked you to YouTube and the music video for Come On Eileen if you click on the title. I think you all know how that works. I hope this song brightens your day like it did mine! Come On, Eileen!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friendly Get Together, Flower, Adventure

Like I mentioned before, my friends and I had a Friendly Get Together Saturday night.  Not a ton of people came, but it was a good time anyone.  Everyone brought food, so that was good, and it was fun to catch up with the people who came.  Here are some pictures from that night.  Not good pictures, but at least it was documented.  Notice how many little kids there are....

This is Rachel, her husband Cameron, Kathryn, Denise holding her youngest Rachel and her oldest son Jonathan in the front.  Jonathan is SO cute!  Denise has another son, Alex (not shown) and they all came to play with me a couple weeks ago, and we had so much fun!  I love those little guys !
Here is Denise again with Rachel, there is another picture of Rachel down below, she is such a happy baby!
I wish I could remember this name, but the little boy is Richard and Maria's son and the girl is Cam and Rachel's daughter Megan.  They are both adorable.  And possible betrothed. 

This is Richard and Maria.  That is their son's head at the bottom of the picture.
From right to left: Aaron, Kimber (Matt's wife), Matt (Kimber's husband), Vance, and Denise again.
Denise's adorable daughter!  She was so happy that day!
Steve and Annie, they are engaged.  Getting married on August 5th in the Salt Lake Temple.  We set Steve off to "bond" with the boys after this and the girls went to visit Sami who couldn't make it to the party.  I think Steve will get along just fine with our other husbands.  Good pick Annie!  Oh, and you can see Christi's back and Nik's head in the picture also.  

Sorry there aren't pictures of everyone, I was trying to do them incognito and I didn't get around to everyone.


Here is my flower:

Isn't it beautiful!  I stole this plant from Emilee's trash can when she was moving last summer.  It had 5 green leaves to start with and only went down hill from there.  By start of winter, it was all dead.  No green at all.  I was heart broken!  I hate killing plants.  Mom convinced me not to throw it away because it was a bulb, and might come back.  So it sat on my side table for months, and sometime in February it started to look a little green again.  And in March it got a leaf, and in April it got a stem and a couple of days ago it bloomed!  You can imagine my  excitement!  It was all I could talk about for days!  And here is a picture of it for all to see.  I was going to post a picture of me with the pretty flower, but Blogger is sucking with picture posting tonight, and I am out of patience. 


Tonight Nik and I went on an adventure.  I suggested we go for a walk because it was so nice outside and we ended up walking around the neighborhood, up to the church, and following a path that Nik only suspected existed.  It leads from the church out to 3rd east and then to Gordon Lane.  Where we live.  He said that his scouts take this way home and had always wondered where it came out.  Here are some pictures from the adventure:

Yes, it involved climbing through a couple holes in chain-link fences.   Ok, I lied, here is A picture from our adventure.  STUPID Blogger!  The rest of the pictures are of Nik hiking through wooded and overgrown trails  Oh well.

Thanks for tuning in!

Friday, May 02, 2008


So I got everything sorted out with my new phone and now it works wonderfully and I am having a great time figuring out all the cool stuff it does. Because of the pedometer feature I know I walked over 2000 steps yesterday. That was probably a good day though, because I went shopping and to a movie, where as today, I didn't have to work till 2 and I just sat at home all morning. Lazy butt. Oh well. Cool phone.

As Nik mentions in his blog, we got to see Ironman last night! It was such a good movie! I am totally hooked on Robert Downey Jr. now. I may love him more than my husband. No, that is a little extreme. But it is close. Ironman was a good movie and an even better superhero movie. Nik is right, superhero movies have fallen short lately, and this one definatly steps up. Go Lucasfilms!

Quick update on Jeff. He is doing great now! He is even back at school for half days now, and his teachers have been great about letting go some of the past homework, so I think his grades are actually better than when he left. He still has a lot to do though. He had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday and they removed the staples and told him he has to shower everyday and repack the wound stuff. I don's ask questions about the wound stuff. He doesn't think he should be back in school yet, but I think that is normal. Mom is ready to have him back full time, I'm sure. He came with us to Ironman. It was for his "birthday." Meaning it is not his birthday yet, and we will probably do something else too, but this is what he really wanted to do. It was a kind-of surprise. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I tried repeatedly to blow it. Luckily Jeff is just a little dense and he didn't figure it out right away.

Tomorrow I have a big get together with my friends from high school, or at least I hope it is big. I planned it with a friend and informed everyone through Facebook, so I am hoping that everyone remembers. I do still have some directions to give, but I if everyone that expressed interest shows up, it will be good enough sized. More on that later!