Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where did May go?

I know people say this all the time, but really, I feel like this month should be just starting.  I had several dates I was looking toward that I think helped move the month along. 
First, the 10th:  Both my younger brother's birthday, and the Paramore show.  Still need to get those pictures up, but you can see them on facebook.  Some of them turned out pretty good.  I didn't hurt that we had awesome seats with no one in front of us to block our view. 
Second: The 14th, my CT scan.  I was not really looking forward to this, but it was a date that was looming in the future, and now not only is it past, but today is my follow up, more than 10 days later. 
Third:  the 18th.  Our 4th anniversary.  We didn't make a big deal of this one, but we both took half-days at work and went to lunch and the Aquarium to celebrate.  It was perfect. 
Fourth:  Today, the follow-up appointment.  I'm not really worried about this, but there is always that niggling thing in the back of my head that tells me it will come back some time, and I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. 
Fifth:  Memorial Day Weekend.  I was not expecting to have this weekend off, so we didn't make plans.  But since finding out, we have made and unmade numerous plans.  Finally we settled on being good little workers and taking a crack at cleaning out that second bedroom.  I will try and take some before and after pictures, so you can see what we were up against and how much progress we made.  Nik and I are looking at moving toward the end of the summer, and having this room cleaned out would make that whole process go much smoother, I think. 
And then, BAM!!  The month is over.  One more weekend.  Then what?  What happens in June?  A couple birthdays, including the land-mark 12th birthday of my niece.  I am very exicted for that.  Probably start the summer with an out-door's type party some where.  Probably not our place.  A friend gets married.  Not nearly the full month that May was.  At least not yet. 
May was a very eventful month for us, and I wouldn't trade (most of) it for the world.  And looking ahead to the rest of the summer, it looks just as promising.  Some very interesting and exciting things are in store for us, just you wait.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am trying to plan this trip to Chicago, and I am in over my head!  I have so many things I am thinking about, I just don't know where to start.  Can anyone offer any advice?  Anyone been there (I'm looking at you Lisa)?  How about general travel tips for an unfamiliar city?  We want to see as much as we can without over loading ourselves.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

CT Scan

I know, I would usually do this on the other blog, and I may move it when I get home, but I just wanted to get it up in case anyone had any questions.  The scan went well, and I only had a minor attack.  The nurse lady was very nice, and understood that it was going to be hard for me.  I drank the contrast just fine, but I guess, not fast enough cause they made me chug the last cup.  Which just about made me sick.  *Yuck*.  The injection is what really gets me, but since I was expecting it, I was able to fight it a little.  Not as bad of a reaction as I thought it would be.  Though, the aftermath was not what I thought it would be either.  That problem I always get?  I thought it would be started and over with in a couple hours.  Nope, it didn't even start til amost midnight, then made a comeback at 3am.  Which led to very little sleep for Lena.  One of the reasons working on Saturdays has it drawbacks.  One of many reasons.  I am looking forward to a nap when I get home.  And because I thought I would be stuck in the house most of the day yesterday, I ended up stuck in the house.  Not that I would have gone many places.  That contrast does weird things to me.  Even drinking water, and eating lunch, I couldn't shake that weird feeling.  At least I got a couple loads of laundry done, and the front room picked up a little.  That makes the day not wasted, right?  Oh well, follow-up on the 27th.  I'll let you know the results.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Help me out

So, here is my problem:
I am eligible for a new phone this month.  I don't necessarily NEED the new phone, I just want one.  So I have been researching phones on and came to the conclusion that I wanted the Samsung Propel a767.  It was available refurbished for free, so yeah.  But every time I tried to buy it, it would disapear.  I could no longer find any of the refurbished phones.  I talked to people online, and over the phone numerous times trying to find out why, and he problem always seemed to be something with my account.  Well, today I find out that the real reason is because refurbished phones are not available for upgrade.  Translation:  You can't buy one if you are already with AT&T. 
I'm sorry?
Rarely are you punished for being a long-time customer.  I have been with AT&T for as long as I have had a phone.  I was even with Cingular when they changed.  That is like 7+ years.  And now they tell me that I can't buy the phone I want?  But you will let me buy other phones for free.  Just not the one I want.  Even though it is used. 
So here is my dilema.  Is it worth calling and complaining about it?  I feel like I have a case, and I know that some time the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so I may get what I want.  On the other hand, I work at an institution where we have to stick to some policies, no matter how big of a fuss you make.  So, what do I do?  Forget about it and look for a new phone later, or call and make a stink in hopes of getting what I want?


Belated Birthday

I have (what I think will be) a good Mother's Day post if I can ever get it up here, but in the mean time, I want to wish my youngest brother Jeff a happy 17th birthday yesterday.  I am sorry we celebrated by going to a concert without you.  I hope taking you to Iron Man 2 on Friday helped you over look that. 
Happy Birthday Jeff, I am so proud of you.

Friday, May 07, 2010

I Don't Care....

Who you are, where you're from, what you did...
As long as you love me.
As true now as it was in 1997

Thursday, May 06, 2010


And it starts.  I officially have a cold.  I generally don't get sick that often (well, the REAL kind of sick, not the "Lena has anxiety" kind of sick), so when it actually fleshes out into feeling like crap, it hits me hard.  This one was weird though.  Usually, when I am getting a cold, I start with 3 days of progressively worsening sore throat, then congestion, then cough, then everything goes away except the cough which sticks around for about 2 more weeks.  This one started with just one day of a very mild sore throat, then a runny nose, then congestion starting while I was sleeping.  All in just 2 days.  So, I might be just speeding through this one, and I will be done in another days, or this could be a whole different can of worms.  Just as long as it is gone before my scan.  I just don't want to deal with that.
With all that in mind.  I have been struggling in getting to the gym once a week, as per my New Year's Resolution.  I did great for about two months, then it tapered off.  I really need to get back into the habit, cause I can really see that I would have been one that struggled with weight my whole life, if circumstances were not what they were.  I can't let this get out of hand.  Luckily Mom has a gym membership with me, so hopefully we can motivate each other.  I do much better when I have some one to go with.  Also, because of the weight gain, none of my summer clothes from last year fit.  Not the pants, not the shirts, not the swim suits.  Nothing.  Those who know me will know that I like my clothing on the snug side, or at least close fitting.  That makes for very little wiggle room in the wardrobe department.  Which means that I need a whole new summer wardrobe!  I will do it slowly, so that by the middle of the summer, I have enough clothes to last.  And my meager selection will not be hard to replace.  I feel like I wear the same 5 shirts every week to work anyway. 

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Well, I am glad that my test post was a success. That means that I should be able to do more blogs from work. I don't think there will be very many pictures, but at least there will be content. I feel like I have fallen short in the blog world lately. I used to have great posts that were at least funny, if not informative or thought provoking. Now all I can think to post about is small random events that don't seem important enough to write about. And then the important stuff (like, last month was 1 year since being diagnosed) gets overlooked cause I don't know how to write the posts. I have lost my writing abilities. And I don't know how to get it back. How do I get it back?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Test post

I am sending this post via email in an attempt to master "email posting."  I am not sure I have the address right, so this is a test.  If anyone happens to see this blog, please email me, so I can know it worked.  Thanks!