Monday, March 26, 2007

Yard Sale Season!

I am so excited! It is starting to get warm, and the sun is out in the morning, and the yard sales are out! I love yard sale season. It is probably what I look forward to the most in the summer.

Saturday, while Nik was sleeping, I took advantage of the warmth and went to my first yard sale of the season. I was glad to see how many were out, but there weren't a whole lot out there. The first, maybe, three that I found, didn't have anything interesting, and I passed them up with out even getting out of the car. I did find a small gift for Kristin, which I haven't given her yet, and a super cute blue elephant for Vivian's baby, and perhaps my favorite find, and something I will consider a good omen for the season to come, was a pair of slip covers for chairs, that match my slip cover on my couch! Great huh? The best part is that the family was moving to Singapore (spelling) and needed to sell everything, so I got them both for a dollar. Great! They don't fit exactly, but they fit well enough and I love them in my front room. I feel like I could actually have people over and they could sit down!

I know I have revived an interest in yard saleing (this is one of those verbs that is not actually a verb, like scrapbooking) in my family and friends, and I hope that they too can make it out soon, and see what the world has to offer!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Favorite Things

In an effort to improve my life and happieness in general, I have decided to list all the things I can think of that make me happy. Please forgive any duplicates.

* Nik
* Talking to a good friend I haven't seen in a long time.
* Playing games with my family.
* Finally understanding something I have been struggling with for a long time.
* Finishing a book you just couldn't put down.
* Getting flowers from a loved one
* Helping someone who wasn't expecting it.
* Opening presents
* Continuing family traditions
* Getting new clothes
* Sharing a friends good news
* Decorating a room by myself
* Having my boss tell me I did a good job.
* Going to a floral shop.
* Watching my favorite movie.
* Giving someone hand-me downs that they appreciate.
* Going yard-saling.
* Getting a new plant.
* Making Nik laugh.
* Playing with babies.
* Having friends over.
* Playing a murder mystery.
* How I feel the day after a good cry.
* Finishing a project that was your idea.
* Laughing at an inside joke.
* Watching my favorite TV shows.
* Having standing plans with friends.
* Going to the Temple.
* Going to the Temple with friends.
* Listening to my favorite song on the radio.
* Getting a new CD of my favorite artists.
* Listening to Nik laugh, when he is really laughing.
* Realizing again that I have great friends.
* Getting a message from friends or loved ones saying they were thinking of me.
* Being excited to see someone.
* Finding someone with the same random interests as me.
* Falling back asleep when I realize I woke up too early.
* Waking up and feeling Nik asleep next to me.
* Surprising Nik with breakfast
* Being able to help someone who needs it.
* Sunsets
* Cloud formations
* A clear morning after a big snow
* The first time I can wear shorts in spring.
* French toast
* Gerber daisies
* Taking pictures

I hope you have been inspired to think of all the things that make you happy. I will add to this list as often as I can.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Having Friends and Being Married

When Nik and I were dating, we were very social. Nik had so many friends from Encore, and such, that there were always parties and friends houses to hang out at. I had a couple of friends within hang out distance, so there was no shortage of social interaction. I thought this would always be a normal for us, but was brought to a realization the other day.

Last Friday Nik suggested that we invite some friends over that we hadn't seen in a long time. I was suddenly upset that he would rather hang out with friends than have an evening home with me. After thinking on this for a moment, I figured there was no harm in calling a couple friends over for the evening. Nik called Spencer and Jess (an engaged couple that he has been friends with for a long time). At first I was just a little disapointed when they were able to come over, and I was afraid I would be upset, or unpleasent the whole eveing. When they showed up, however, I realized how much fun I have with them, even though I do not know Jess very well. We talked for an hour or so (the boys in the computer room) and then decided to watch a movie. When the evening ended and Spencer and Jess went home, I thought about how much fun we had, and how good it was to see them again.

The following day, I was up early for a morning with Vivian, then an afternoon tending my niece and nephew, then my best friend and her husband came up from Provo and we spent the evening with them. This is probably the most social contact I have had a long time.

In church on Sunday I was contemplating my full weekend and I was surprised at myself when I thought about how upset I had been about friends coming over. I never thought I would rater sit at home by myself (essentially) than have fun with friends. I think I forgot how much Nik thrives on being social. And how much I thrive on Nik. He has a social personality, and I had been stiffling it by insisting we spend every evening alone together.

I love having friends over and I love going to friends houses. I just need to be reminded of how much fun it is every once in a while.