Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Favorite Things

In an effort to improve my life and happieness in general, I have decided to list all the things I can think of that make me happy. Please forgive any duplicates.

* Nik
* Talking to a good friend I haven't seen in a long time.
* Playing games with my family.
* Finally understanding something I have been struggling with for a long time.
* Finishing a book you just couldn't put down.
* Getting flowers from a loved one
* Helping someone who wasn't expecting it.
* Opening presents
* Continuing family traditions
* Getting new clothes
* Sharing a friends good news
* Decorating a room by myself
* Having my boss tell me I did a good job.
* Going to a floral shop.
* Watching my favorite movie.
* Giving someone hand-me downs that they appreciate.
* Going yard-saling.
* Getting a new plant.
* Making Nik laugh.
* Playing with babies.
* Having friends over.
* Playing a murder mystery.
* How I feel the day after a good cry.
* Finishing a project that was your idea.
* Laughing at an inside joke.
* Watching my favorite TV shows.
* Having standing plans with friends.
* Going to the Temple.
* Going to the Temple with friends.
* Listening to my favorite song on the radio.
* Getting a new CD of my favorite artists.
* Listening to Nik laugh, when he is really laughing.
* Realizing again that I have great friends.
* Getting a message from friends or loved ones saying they were thinking of me.
* Being excited to see someone.
* Finding someone with the same random interests as me.
* Falling back asleep when I realize I woke up too early.
* Waking up and feeling Nik asleep next to me.
* Surprising Nik with breakfast
* Being able to help someone who needs it.
* Sunsets
* Cloud formations
* A clear morning after a big snow
* The first time I can wear shorts in spring.
* French toast
* Gerber daisies
* Taking pictures

I hope you have been inspired to think of all the things that make you happy. I will add to this list as often as I can.


BoyWonder said...

BEST WIFE Love you baby!~

Dixie Chic said...

Wow- a lot of those things (most of the simple ones) are things that give me great joy, too! Thanks for helping me put things into perspective today. :) And you've inspired me to do the same! :) (((Hugs)))

loudaisy said...

That was an amazingly joyful thing to read. It is funny because a lot of those things remind me of you. Love ya

Mimi said...

I love your favorite things it made me happy thanks for brightening my day

Dave S. S. said...

I like girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes.

CTuna said...

Thanks for this insight to your soul...