Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Real Quick

Cause I don't know if this should go on my other blog, or what, but I don't know when I will get a chance to update again, I just wanted to let you know the results of my blood test for my thyroid:  Hypo-thyroidism.  Or something involving the fact that my thyroid does not work properly.  Hm.  Sounds like a trend huh?  That's what they said about my gallbladder too, and I had to have that one removed.  Either way, I have an ultrasound scheduled for Monday, and I already know that I will need to take medication for it (possibly for the rest of my life). 
Sorry to leave you there, but I have to go.  Hopefully soon I will finish it up.


Vivian said...

It's a good thing I read both blogs so I know what's going on! Both my parents have thyroid deficiency, but only my mom takes meds for hers. I hope your ultrasound goes well!

The Christensen Clan said...

Rachel (Kummer) was just diagnosed with that too.

Lisa Louise said...

phewf! synthroid is pretty easy to deal with :) i hope the ultrasound goes well.