Monday, July 12, 2010

My Opinion

Do you remember going to the bank with your parents as a child?  I do.  It didn't happen very often at my house, but when it did, oh man.  You knew it was coming.  The only reason you sat quietly in the car on the drive over.  Your motivation for standing right by mom's side til she was done.  Just to hear those words: 
"Do you want a sucker?"
Why yes mother, I think I would, thank you. 
This, in my opinion, is what the bank suckers are for.  Children who were made to come to the boring bank with their parents and were still able to stand still and stay relatively quiet.  I know this is hard for kids sometimes, especially when there are such fun and tempting things like window blinds, and line dividers, and dry-erase boards, and pens, and all this room to run around!  But if your kid manages to stay in the vacinity of you, and is not screaming or messing with the blinds or line dividers, then by all means, give them a sucker!  Give them two!  What the suckers are NOT for are grandparents who tell me that their grandkids count on these suckers, so they take six or seven.  Or a car of four asks for six.  Or a lady with no kids with her says that she loves these suckers, so she empties a basket of them into her purse, right in front of a teller.
Does this make me a mean person?  Maybe.  I feel like if you like the suckers that much, ask us where we got them, or what they are called, and try to get them yourself.  If your grandkids are so dependant on candy that you have to steal it from the bank, there are some deeper seated issues than just wanting candy.  I can sometimes over look asking for more suckers than the number of people in the car, as long as it is not one guy asking for 7 suckers, with no one else in the car.  Trying to quit smoking?  Try the patch.
I really don't mind adults who take a sucker.  I'm a sweets fan myself.  Last time I went to the doctor I had 4 Jolly Ranchers.  I get it.  Take a sucker.  Whatever.  But don't take a hand full just because they are complimentary.  Grow up.


Heather said...

ha ha! I always get on to Wendell when he asks for 2 or 3 extras at the drive-up window. We now have the economy sized bag of dum dums from sams club at home so he doesn't feel the need to mooch off the bank. lol.

Vivian said...

Is it ok to get Xander a sucker at the beginning so he'll sit nice on the floor eating it while I do business?

I can't believe that someone would empty the bucket... crazy people.

Talina said...

Hee, hee. I always feel stupid taking just ONE sucker, let alone a whole basket. Ah, well. Gotta get your money's worth out of each bank trip, right? :)

Amanda said...

I love you Lena!