Friday, October 27, 2006

Ghost Investigator Squad

The other day I was listening to 101.9 The End on the way to work and they had a special guest on from the Ghost Investigator Squad. I love it when this group is on, and they are on every year. This year they had two shows infact, and I was lucky enough to catch them both. For those of you who don't know who the GIS is, they are a small group (about 6 people) who go to supposedly "haunted" places and take pictures and EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) readings to determine if there is ghost activity. These readings can be kind of spooky when you know what you are listening for. The GIS member says "We made this recording at the Old Mill in Utah on November 3rd at two o'clock in the morning. (then they tell the story of what they were looking for and why the owners had them come in) You will hear Roger talking to Sandy, then something in the background that sounds like a child saying either 'he touched my head', or 'he broke my neck.'" Then they play the clip and YES you can hear all of that and you want to wet youself because of how unnerving it is. But dont take my word for it, listen for yourself.
Now, I know some of you out there are skeptics. And you have every right to be. But keep an open mind as you look through some of these pictures and videos. Some of them are amazing. I especially encourage watching "The Door" video. It is probably the best one. I liked a lot of the photos too.
As far as I know they us a mix of regular 35mm film and a high resolution digital cameras. They scan and flatten the images for the website so they dont take up as much space, but they dont doctor them at all. Some are filtered (probably in Photoshop) to show more detail in the ecto but, thats all. This site is the perfect time passer for the halloween season. ENJOY!


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