Monday, June 04, 2007

Impromptu trip to the Zoo

On saturday my niece and nephew had a trip to the Zoo planned and I volunteered to take them to Lou's to begin the journey. About half way to her house I got a call from Lou herself saying that her husband was not feeling well, and was not able to fulfill his duties as a second adult on this trip, and asking if I would be able to take his place. I was honored. We made it safely to Lou's and then to the Zoo with Noah in tow.

We really had a great time. I had not been to the Zoo in several years, and not since they did all those amazing upgrades. I was excited for this opportunity. We got to see the White Crocodile exhibit and an elephant show, and the penguines, and the cats, and the giraffes, and the rhinos, and...and...lots of other animals too. By the end Lou and I were both running on empty from chasing three kids around outside. I didn't get sunburned though. Thanks for the sunscreen Ten!

We ended our trip in the gift shop and I gave Spence and Kristin $2 each to buy a souvineer. It was a challenge to find something in that price range, but they eventually did it. Spenacer got this cool glowy fish and Kristin got a beautiful wooden bead bracelet. I found this cool bald eagle bouncy toy for Nik and I got me a great blue camo, short brim hat. I love it.

It was an amazing trip, and I am really glad that Ten was willing to let me go in hes stead. I am looking forward to our next Zoo excursion. I just home that Nik can come.


Gatnnos said...

No way!!! A white croc at the zoo??? That is too cool. You have inspired me, I think I too will plan a trip to the zoo. Who knows, maybe even to see the white croc!!!

loudaisy said...

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This is a comment from Noah. He loved the Zoo trip too. He got really excited when he saw the pictures

loudaisy said...

The White Croc is awesome. Thanks for going with me Lena. I could not have done it by myself. It was pretty fun. We will have to do it again soon

Dave S. S. said...

I love the top picture of you and the kids.