Monday, July 23, 2007

My life update

So I feel like it has been a long time since I have blogged because we do not have the internet at the new place. So this is a catchup of what has been going on in my life so far!

I was able to see the Harry Potter movie the saturday after it came out. We went with Lou and Ten and had a great time. I loved talking about the details with others who appreciate the story. Speaking of Harry, Nik and I attended a midnight release party of the Deathy Hollows at the U of U bookstore. It was fun! We even get 5 galleons to spend through out the store. And a $5 gift card for ordering the book online. Vivians husband jake met us there a little later, and it was great fun had by all!

We are now partially moved into the new place. Every room is still stuffed with boxes but we are making slow progress, and I have high hopes for finishing around Christmas. As I mentioned before, we are still without much tv and any internet. Nik hooked up the antenna the second day we were there, but only about 2 channels come in clear, and one of them is spanish. The others are quite fuzzy. I get to watch the news in the mornings though. That is important.

I misplaced my cell phone on thursday and we have searched everywhere numerous times to no avail. Nik, who has the interweb at work, was able to check the phone status online and saw that many calls had been made since the lost date. So, we stopped looking. I suspended the service online and will collect the insurance over the phone and should receive a new phone as well. Keep your fingers crossed.

We went to cute Christophers first birthday party yesterday! I was happy to see him again and to see him dive in to the cake. It was lots of fun.

Tomorrow is Papa Charlie's birthday and we will be going to his party. Nik says that he doesnt remember how old he will be, but suggested something like 87...I think he may be exaggerating. But only by one or two years. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

My job will come to an end on friday. I am both happy and sad. It has been a trying experience, but also a learning one. I am glad I got the opportunity to help Mike with these amazing windows, and hope to continue the craft later.

That is all for now, NIk needs his computer back!


Gatnnos said...

Thanks for the update. I hope you get your internet working soon. I miss hearing about your lives. Where did you find a new place? I hope you are happy there. We are planning on being out on September 20ish to have Kaitlyn sealed. Hopefully we can see you soon. Send me your new addy so I can get you an invite.

loudaisy said...

Hey I am glad to be caught up in your news. And also glad that I knew most of it already. Good luck with everything

Dixie Chic said...

Yikes on the phone deal- I'm glad you were able to realize it was being used, so you could suspend service. I'm confused about your job, though? If you'd rather email me, I'm at :)

CTuna said...

Dad is turn 59 for the record. My son must be almost 50 if I'm 87. Hee hee. Does that make you in your mid 40's???? LOL

Dave S. S. said...

HEY!!! Why did you shut off my new phone???