Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Life Update #2

Hello again from me! Since we finally have the net at home and I am (for the moment) unemployed...I have time to waste blogging again! Trust me, you should be excited. Given that I don't read my own blog, some of these things may be repeats, but just bare with me.

We are finally starting to feel at home in the new apartment. The living room is mostly in order and the kitchen and bedrrom are livable, but not all the way settled yet. The Comcast guy finally came yesterday, a week after our original appointment. That is another story, I'll let Nik tell it. Anyway, we have cable and internet now. That is great. And it couldnt have come at a better time. I feel like I can live in this house now without making adjustments to my living habits or daily schedule. Its great.

We have recently acquired an XBOX 360, and I hate to admit that I have had more playing time than Nik has. We have the game Viva! Pinata! and I am addicted. I had to pry myself away to come job search online. Which turned in to this after a while. Its a lot of fun.

Nik has been having what we hope are minor problems with his car and so we have been taking mine everywhere. Its not bad, I just never realized how much gas we go through as a couple. Its a good thing my car gets reasonable gas mileage.

As I am sure you put together from earlier comments, I have finished my stained glass jobs for the time being. I really enjoyed both jobs, but they were really waring and the problem solving was like nothing I have ever had to do before. I still think I would really like to do stained glass as a business in the future, but I want to be the one creating the designs, so I know how it all fits together.

Lou was really fantastic this last couple weeks. With all she had going on in her life, she still managed to produce a beautiful end table for us. I am really excited to incorporate it in our living room. I love having a designed piece in my house. It makes me look like I meant the room to look like it does, not that I just threw all the furniture I had in there and called it good. Even if thats what really happened. Thanks Lou!

Ok, I think that is enough of an update for now and hopefully I can resume my regular blogs from now on.


loudaisy said...

Your welcome Lena, I had to paint that end table, it ached to be painted. So you helped me get that out of my system. I am so happy you are having fun with Viva Pinata. Those gardens are lots of fun. I hope you are able to find a job quickly.

BoyWonder said...

Lena can I play?

Gatnnos said...

YEAHH!!! Welcome back Lena - I missed your blogging!

CTuna said...

Good update.