Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Moment Of Truth!

Hello all! Its time to announce the winners of my Pay it Forward contest! Since my party last night was a bust, I had Shea, the loveley receptionist here at Zeit Company, pick the winners this morning. And here they are!

In no particular order:




Yay for the winners! I considered giving fun-size Play-doh as the gift, since I didn't have many trick or treaters last night, but I will pick something better. In the rules is says that the winners promise to do something similar (in the Pay it Forward spirit) soon as well, and I hope to figure out what to give out by the time they do! Lisa has already done it, so she is off the hook, unless she wants to do it again! I have high hopes for Lou and Mom though. Don't let me down!


I would just like to discuss trick-or-treating for a moment here. I was so excited to live in an apartment complex because of the high possibility of trick-or-treaters. I was sorely disapointed. I got four, count'em...4, door knocks last night. Granted there were at least three kids each time, but still, thats not even my whole complex, not to mention my neighborhood.

I even had cool Play-Doh instead of yucky candy to hand out, and it seemed to be a hit, but still, I was lacking the numbers. I still have a bucket full of fun-size Play-Doh at home. At least I know Nik will be entertained at church. I am substituting for the 9 year-old girls in Primary (yes, I worded that funny)and I am thinking I will bring that as the treat.

Thank you for participating in my little game!


Dixie Chic said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! WOOHOO!!!! How exciting! Wow. I'm on a winning streak! I've been "paying it foward" in real life, and it is SO much fun to see the smiles when you do something for someone. I'm also baking some treats for the kids to take and go "doorbell ditching", so we can teach them that a fun type of charity is being unseen. :) Thanks for the game! WHO'S YOUR COUSIN? :) (okay, sorry, that comment is kinda dorky, but what can I say? Imadork! LOL!)

loudaisy said...

Hooray! Now I have to figure out this whole thing. I love winning.
Sorry we did not make it to your house for play do. I really wanted to. By the time he had walked our neighborhood and gone to Grandma Shep's Noah was worn out. We will have to come stop by soon.

BoyWonder said...

yeah playdough in church!! awesome!! I am so excited!!!

I will make a whole zoo of animals!!!!

Kathy said...

I love to win!!!! Thanks in advance for the wonderful prize you will be sending me!

Gatnnos said...

Halloween is sad when there aren't a lot of trick or treaters. I am finally in a place to get a few. It is fun! LOVE it! Nik enjoy the play do at church!

Dixie Chic said...

You've been BLOG-TAGGED! Visit my blog to learn more! :)