Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Last Chance!

Count down: eleven hours and 56 minutes left to comment on my PIF post for your chance to win! Come on Dad! I want to see your name in there! Right now it is between Mom, Lou, Nik, Lisa, and Heather. English family, tell Jeanne and Charlie, I want as many people here as I can get! Flurer Family, tell the girls, I am sure they would like a chance to win. As it stands, I am still at a loss as to what to send, so it will be a suprise for everyone! Oh, and I found out I am one of the lucky three from my Cousin Heather's PIF and will be receiving lovely foaming anti bacterial soap from Bath and Body Works. I can hardly wait!

I am having a Halloween party at my house tonight so I will have one of my guests pick out the lucky winners!


It has been a while since I have posted anything worth while here, so I hope you all forgive me. My new job has turned my world upside down. I am constantly behind on laundry and dishes. I have only cooked dinner once in the two and a half weeks I have been employed. My house is a mess and I am having people over tonight. I desperatly hope I can get it cleaned before people start coming. I only have about an hour...maybe less.

Last night we went to a Halloween party at Al and Jeanne's. It was quite a shindig. Nik and I were late since he doesnt get home from work till after 6, and I had had a bad day at work, so I work, so it took a little time to be ready to go. I had a lot of fun. I heard some fun stories from Al, and everyone (well, almost everyone...Kersten) was dressed up. Em was Jack Sparrow, and it was a stricking likeness. I think she should consider a career change ;) I forgo'd my Harley Quinn costume, even though I am way excited to have it, I just didn't want to mess with the face makeup. Instead I was a Punk Rock Angel. I thought it was pretty cool. That is what I am today at work too. Minus the wings. Nik was a Young Hue Heffner. I was impressed how many people got that right off the bat. I wanted to be a Bunny, but it was a family party.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I have a little more time today at work, so maybe I will post again.

Happy Halloween!


Dixie Chic said...

I can't wait to get my anti-bacterial foaming soap, either! :) Oh, and I also won on Heather's friend Kelsey's blog! She sent me a really beautiful Simon Dewey book. WOOT!

Gatnnos said...

Dinner? What's that? I think making dinner is over rated anyhow. I rarely if ever make dinner and I am at home all day. As for dishes and laundry - well, if you don't cook there are no dishes and laundry takes wayyyy toooo long!!! LOL - Have fun at your party!

Kathy said...

I hope you enjoyed your party and had enough play dough for everyone! You made a cute punk angel!

Kathy said...

By the way, did you know Mason has a blog?

WonderKitty said...

What! Mason has a blog? the world wide web is subjected to his teenage attitude too! Oh the humanity!

BoyWonder said...

you make a cute bunny :)

CTuna said...

I just read this. Hope your party was fun. You would make a cute bunny. You and Nik dress up and take a photo and send it to Mom K and I OKAY???? It's Mom K's and my anniversary today. Yah 3 years.