Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 everyone! I have so many things to blog about, I guess I should start at the beginning. I have tons more pictures than I have posted, but I think these give a good idea of what the evening was like.

Nik and I really wanted to have friends over for a party, but our place is so small that it never would have worked out. My parents were wonderful and offered to let us have our party at their house. I am so glad they did! We only had three friends over, but with the rest of the family it ended up being a full house anyway! Mom and Dad had put out quite a spread so you know we didn't go hungry.

Lisa also brought her New Years tradition of Lil Smokey's, which were a big hit!

Of course, Nik can't go anywhere where more than two people will be with out pulling out Rock Band. That was also a big hit. This is Lisa on drums, Jake on guitar and Nik on vocals. They played for about 2 hours occasionally switching band members. I even jumped in on vocals a couple of times. My little brother Jeff is a wiz on the drums and helped out a couple times as well. While the jam session was going on my mom and I were playing Boggle. I am not quite sure why I keep subjecting myself to this. My mom is one of the best Boggle players ever...right next to my Grandma. I love playing, but I always get my rear end handed to me when I play mom. Seth came over in the middle of the blood bath and challenged a couple of our words. It was pretty funny watching Seth look up the words on his phone on

This is how Dad spent the night. Relaxing. I think. He wouldn't participate in much, but he did observe everything. He was a big help with Boggle though.

After the count down and the ball drop and the kissing, we went out side for some fireworks. Mom must have been stashing them cause there were way to many of them to have been left over. It was a ton of fun! We all got a couple of sparklers and Seth and Jeff lit the magic whips. They were loud.

This is Jake and Lisa, two of the friends that came over. We love them.

Dad played short order cook by fixing everyone custom eggs while we watched the movie Murder By Death. I love that movie. I want to own it very badly. People started going home after they finished their eggs. It was a good night.

This is how Nik and I finished the night. All tuckered out.


Jessica said...

Cute! Wish we could have been there!

Nik said...

it was good times!!

Dixie Chic said...

Looks like LOOOTS of fun, girl! I think I may have to challenge Aunt Kathy to a game of Boggle. I'm pretty good, too, if I may say so myself!