Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Friendly Get Together, Flower, Adventure

Like I mentioned before, my friends and I had a Friendly Get Together Saturday night.  Not a ton of people came, but it was a good time anyone.  Everyone brought food, so that was good, and it was fun to catch up with the people who came.  Here are some pictures from that night.  Not good pictures, but at least it was documented.  Notice how many little kids there are....

This is Rachel, her husband Cameron, Kathryn, Denise holding her youngest Rachel and her oldest son Jonathan in the front.  Jonathan is SO cute!  Denise has another son, Alex (not shown) and they all came to play with me a couple weeks ago, and we had so much fun!  I love those little guys !
Here is Denise again with Rachel, there is another picture of Rachel down below, she is such a happy baby!
I wish I could remember this name, but the little boy is Richard and Maria's son and the girl is Cam and Rachel's daughter Megan.  They are both adorable.  And possible betrothed. 

This is Richard and Maria.  That is their son's head at the bottom of the picture.
From right to left: Aaron, Kimber (Matt's wife), Matt (Kimber's husband), Vance, and Denise again.
Denise's adorable daughter!  She was so happy that day!
Steve and Annie, they are engaged.  Getting married on August 5th in the Salt Lake Temple.  We set Steve off to "bond" with the boys after this and the girls went to visit Sami who couldn't make it to the party.  I think Steve will get along just fine with our other husbands.  Good pick Annie!  Oh, and you can see Christi's back and Nik's head in the picture also.  

Sorry there aren't pictures of everyone, I was trying to do them incognito and I didn't get around to everyone.


Here is my flower:

Isn't it beautiful!  I stole this plant from Emilee's trash can when she was moving last summer.  It had 5 green leaves to start with and only went down hill from there.  By start of winter, it was all dead.  No green at all.  I was heart broken!  I hate killing plants.  Mom convinced me not to throw it away because it was a bulb, and might come back.  So it sat on my side table for months, and sometime in February it started to look a little green again.  And in March it got a leaf, and in April it got a stem and a couple of days ago it bloomed!  You can imagine my  excitement!  It was all I could talk about for days!  And here is a picture of it for all to see.  I was going to post a picture of me with the pretty flower, but Blogger is sucking with picture posting tonight, and I am out of patience. 


Tonight Nik and I went on an adventure.  I suggested we go for a walk because it was so nice outside and we ended up walking around the neighborhood, up to the church, and following a path that Nik only suspected existed.  It leads from the church out to 3rd east and then to Gordon Lane.  Where we live.  He said that his scouts take this way home and had always wondered where it came out.  Here are some pictures from the adventure:

Yes, it involved climbing through a couple holes in chain-link fences.   Ok, I lied, here is A picture from our adventure.  STUPID Blogger!  The rest of the pictures are of Nik hiking through wooded and overgrown trails  Oh well.

Thanks for tuning in!


Anonymous said...

Lena you are the funnest blogger! I love your candidness. :)

Looks like the get-together was a lot of fun! Just wait- 10 years from now you will all still get together and all the kids will be half-grown. When you get to that stage, it's amazing how fast time seems to have flown. You can even ask your mom. At one point when I was little, I was her FAVORITE little baby! ;) Now I'm #4, because you 3 had to join the fam. ROFL. ;)

That is one beautiful flower. What's it called? Patience is a virtue, and you sure got treated! I wonder how long it will last? Is it one of those that blooms once a year and stays ugly the rest of the year? I have a few of those in my yard. Lol.

Alright. I'll quit razzin' ya. Have a great day!

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I like the legs and shoes in the background of the flower pic!

WonderKitty said...

The flower is an Amarylis. I am not sure of the spelling, but it is pretty none the less!

Kathy said...

Aren't you glad you listened to me once and saved the flower? It's very pretty. (The legs are cute, too Nik) Your friend get-together looks like it was fun.

Lisa Louise said...

I love that your walk ended up with you guys crawling through fences, how very nik!

Mimi said...

Love your Flower Lena I am so excited that it bloomed. It is so beautiful

Vivian said...

I'm sorry that I couldn't come, darn Tony's wedding. :) You can totally link my blog page, but it's set on private, so it's invited only, so I don't know how that works. I just remembered your stories about your cousin's kids, so I made it safe.

Tim said...

Good Job! :)