Friday, May 02, 2008


So I got everything sorted out with my new phone and now it works wonderfully and I am having a great time figuring out all the cool stuff it does. Because of the pedometer feature I know I walked over 2000 steps yesterday. That was probably a good day though, because I went shopping and to a movie, where as today, I didn't have to work till 2 and I just sat at home all morning. Lazy butt. Oh well. Cool phone.

As Nik mentions in his blog, we got to see Ironman last night! It was such a good movie! I am totally hooked on Robert Downey Jr. now. I may love him more than my husband. No, that is a little extreme. But it is close. Ironman was a good movie and an even better superhero movie. Nik is right, superhero movies have fallen short lately, and this one definatly steps up. Go Lucasfilms!

Quick update on Jeff. He is doing great now! He is even back at school for half days now, and his teachers have been great about letting go some of the past homework, so I think his grades are actually better than when he left. He still has a lot to do though. He had a Dr.'s appointment yesterday and they removed the staples and told him he has to shower everyday and repack the wound stuff. I don's ask questions about the wound stuff. He doesn't think he should be back in school yet, but I think that is normal. Mom is ready to have him back full time, I'm sure. He came with us to Ironman. It was for his "birthday." Meaning it is not his birthday yet, and we will probably do something else too, but this is what he really wanted to do. It was a kind-of surprise. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I tried repeatedly to blow it. Luckily Jeff is just a little dense and he didn't figure it out right away.

Tomorrow I have a big get together with my friends from high school, or at least I hope it is big. I planned it with a friend and informed everyone through Facebook, so I am hoping that everyone remembers. I do still have some directions to give, but I if everyone that expressed interest shows up, it will be good enough sized. More on that later!


Kathy said...

We did enjoy the movie. But it always turns out to be so expensive! Jeff was very happy! Great idea.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad to hear Jeff is feeling better!

I've not even heard of the movie "Ironman". That is how out of it I am as a mom of 4.

Yay for your cool new *working* phone!

Have fun at your get-together- I'm jealous! I'm a big 'ole loser and don't have as many friends as you have. :/

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

Almost as much as your HOUSEBAND!

Lisa Louise said...

ah i'm jealous i want to go see that movie!! Glad to hear the phone worked out and that jeff is doing well!

loudaisy said...

Hooray for your phone
Hooray for Robert Downey Jr
Hooray for Jeff
Hooray for seeing old friends