Thursday, January 15, 2009

I should probably explain...

I have mentioned "soldering" a couple times in my posts lately and I think that only a handful of you know what I am talking about.

About 3 months ago I put an ad on to advertise my stained glass abilities hoping to get someone who needed help in a shop or something. After a few days I forgot about it, but one Saturday I got an email from a gentleman asking if I could solder. He sent me a picture of what his wife was making and I felt pretty confident that I could do this, so he came to my work so we could talk. He brought everything I could need to start right away and we scheduled to meet the next day to see what I had done. I will admit, I was not good at first. I tried for hours and only made small amounts of progress. When we met Sunday he was only able to take about half of what I did back to his wife for use. I took the rest back to try again.

After a couple of weeks of trial and error (and meeting almost everyday) I found my groove and have been cranking out the pieces ever since. And I know you are all wondering, yes, I get paid. Per piece. And it was enough before Christmas that I did not have to use any of my Granite pay checks to pay for the gifts. I think it will slow down a little, but I still have stuff to do every day.

The picture above is of my sister-in-law Audrey wearing an example of my work.

I really like doing this, and I hope that the business takes off. They are already in a couple of boutiques here in the Valley and a couple more down in St. George. And they are talking to JMR and Lolla Bella tomorrow, so hopefully that goes well.

Now you know!


Vee said...

Lena that is neato!
I'm very interested in a piece for myself! let me know some more info please!

ALSO Which granite do you work at?

Vee said...

Mr H is on the MoCap team, what does Nik do? I've been telling him about Nik too. I guess boys aren't as interested in these sort of things like grils are

minisuperbias said...

no way! this is awesome! if you're at Talina's thing tomorrow I want more details

TStevens said...

Too bad you are not local to me; I have a crap load of glass my father -in-law left in the garage when he sold me the house and left on missions. Stained glass was his hobby as well.

Kathy said...

You are so talented! It isn't as easy to do as you make it seem. I hope they continue to do well.

CTuna's Cavern said...

Nice work. Nice to have a Jeweler in the family again. Hee hee.