Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anniversary pics

No, not those ones!!

Aren't we cute!
This is Adam Pavkovich, he is my favorite player, but he sucked it up every time at bat. Nik pointed out that at least we don't have to worry that he will be called up! These are our Rally Caps, cause we were loosing big time. It didn't work.

(can you see the Port line in my neck on the right side. I think its pretty noticeable)


Hilary said...

And I had to zoom in to the photo to see the port line, so it wasn't that noticeable to me, at least not in photos!

Kathy said...

It was noticable after you pointed it out! I'm glad you had fun.

The Felts said...

Happy Anniversary!! And huh no I see nothing on your neck.. I do see piece of jewelry though :)