Saturday, June 27, 2009

Utah Arts Festival

I have a few pictures from the Relay for Life last night, but I have not downloaded them, so it will be a little while still before I get to that post. But I will say a big THANK YOU to Vivian and family, and Mya and Abigail for coming out to support me. It was really great to have friends there.

This is really just a short post to tell everyone how excited I am to be going to the Utah Arts Festival today. Next to the State Fair, it is my favorite part about summer. I never have enough money to buy any of the stuff I really want, but it is so much fun to go and look. You know, being an artist and all ;) Tonight is also the Taylorsville Dayzz Parade and fireworks. The parade is going on as we speak, about 2 blocks away from where I am at work, and it is killing me!! But the best part is by far the fireworks, and I will for sure be there tonight at 10pm. Anyone in the area is more than welcome to join me and my family there. In fact, I encourage it! We will have glow sticks too.

**edited to add: Mom bought me a pretty princess crown at the parade!! It's like I was there!!

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Kathy said...

We missed you at the parade. Mason and I went and made fun of all the people! The fireworks were great. On Monday night we watched them from our front yard. Not as impressive, but still very good.