Sunday, October 03, 2010

Day 5: Aquarium, Planetarium, and Pizza

We went hard core on day 5. We didn't want to pay for parking to come do one of these places another day, so we decided to ignore or sore feet and do them both.
Ugly and pretty at the same time!
These guys reminded me of Slimy on Sesame Street. They were in the sand the whole time, so I couldn't see how long they were.
He makes a good penguin, don't you think?
My favorite thing at the Aquarium, the Moon Jelly fish. At our aquarium here, they are in a tank with color-changing lights and a simulated current so they rotate around the edges. They are beautiful, better than any lava lamp.
The view of the lake from the back of the Aquarium.
Nik's favorite, the Otters!
This sea turtle was awesome. She was rescued after being injured and the injury makes it so her back end floats. Because of this, she can never be released in the wild. Even when she dives to get the lettuce thats anchored at the bottom, she is till completely vertical.
I guess Nik is going to the moon!
This is the best pizza I have ever had. The place was called Giordono's and it was right around the corner from our hotel. This is not the kind of place I would have driven by and said, "we should go there", but Nik looked up some reviews and it is pretty famous over there, so we gave it a try. We started the meal with zucchini sticks and cheesy garlic bread, so by the time we got our SMALL pizza, we could each only eat one slice. Now, granted, this was Chicago Style pizza, so it is two layers, but still, I was so sad to not be able to eat any more. We brought it back to the hotel with us in hopes of eating it later, but alas, we did not. There is a Chicago Style pizza place in South Jordan that we want to check out some time. On Tuesdays they do buy one get one free pizzas, so I think that would be the best time to go. Anyone interested in going?


Laurie said...

So fun to read about your trip. Wish we could have been with you. I love your new hoodie. And that aquarium looks super awesome.

Pippi Longstocking said...

Love Giordono's!

Lisa Louise said...

mmmm pizza :) also loved that aquarium, such a fun one!

AubGoofy said...

Sound like the trip was great. Chicago style pizza. I am always up for a some pizza. I would love to go if you decide to check it out.

Talina said...

I love aquariums!
And now I want pizza. . .
I'm glad you had a good time. It looks like it was an awesome vacation!