Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

My wonderful husband and I decided to exchange Valentine's gifts last night, as opposed to today. Mainly because he was so excited to give me mine, that he couldn't wait. When he returned from work he rang the doorbell instead of just coming in the house. When I answered the door he had a dozen red roses for me. And a box of fresh chocolate covered strawberries! I was so excited! My husband is the best.

I had be not so subtlely hinting that I wanted flowers, and I was really hoping he would get them for me for Valentine's. I immeditally put them in the only vase I have and arranged them with the beautiful green filler they came with. I repeated many times last night how beautiful they were and how happy I was that he had given them to me. Even now I am anxious to get back home to see them displayed in my home. I was so excited about the strawberries too, I usually have to share them with someone, but not this time! I was savoring them last night. I still have about five in the box.

I just want my husband to know how much I love him and everything he does for me. He works so hard to provide for me, and I am so proud of him for it. I know he sacrifices a lot to have a full-time job, and I want him to know that I completely understand how it is. I love you so much Nik. Always.


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Kersten said...

Nik is a romantic. It's nice to know his talent isn't wasted!

loudaisy said...

Nik did a good job. I am proud of my little bother. I am glad he treats you well. Cause he does not deserve you Ha Ha