Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Southern Utah Blizzard

Over the long weekend Nik and I (and my family) took a last minute trip to St. George. It was a blast! The weather was warm, and sunny (though I still frequently "mentioned" that it was cold outside). Due to several family functions this weekend, I was able to see family members I hadn't seen since my wedding. I even got my favorite St. George treat twice! I know, I am spoiled.

We had planned to leave monday afternoon, but didn't have a set time. After eating, taking naps, and putting it off as long as we could, we finally left around 3:30. And it was raining pretty good in St. George. By the time we were outside Leeds, it was snowing. And if anyone knows Cedar City weather, you will know what is coming next. We had white out conditions clear through Cedar and into Beaver. To top it all off, there was an accident about 5 miles south of Cedar, so we were stuck in traffic for close to an hour. Needless to say, I had to pee when we got there. The weather cleared inbetween Beaver and Filmore, and there was a beautiful sunset, so I guess something good came out of it. I do feel bad for those people in the accident though. I can't imagine being in the middle of nowhere and in a three-car pile up. It was bad.

My parents were about hours ahead of us and they were sending me pictures from their phones of the conditions ahead. Very encouraging. Lucky for us, they weren't as bad by the time we got there. But it put us about an hour behind schedule, not to mention that we were starving by the time we got to Nephi, so we stopped for dinner. It felt like we had been on the road all day.

Luckily, I was in the car with my wonderful husband, and he helped pass the time. He has such great sense of humor and a positive outlook on things, that I forget that we still have four hours left in the car. I love you Nik.


Kersten said...

The whole Cedar to Nephi strecth is dicey through May or June. I think your parents need to buy a plane for the family!

BoyWonder said...

I would love a plane. Then we would go down to san jorge all the time. Needless to say. It was quite an adventure!

dixiechic said...

We drove through the same blizzard!! Only, it was just starting when we left. One minute, it was lightly raining while I got everyone a slushee, and the next minute it was hailing (beautiful small tidbits of hail), but TONZ of it and VERY windy! Then once we got on the freeway, it turned to slushy snow. It was scary, but at least it wasn't sticking to the roads. (At least when we drove home it wasn't). Gosh, I can only imagine what you went through! :p That stretch from Toquerville to Cedar is the WORST!!! It seems like it ALWAYS has something for us to drive through when we decide to go to Cedar, lol! And- I must have missed you when you were down here! I didn't realize you'd be here- we were so extremely busy, and found out only afterward that the whole famdamly was here! :( Ah, well. Maybe next time! :)

Love ya,

dixiechic said...

Okay, I'm curious- what IS your "Favorit St.George Treat"?

WonderKitty said...

My favorite St. George treat is a Lime Glacier from Frost Top!

CTuna said...

Nice website. Sorry we didn't see each other that weekend in St George but I went home the day before you two left.