Monday, April 02, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion

Today I am going to talk about me. It is one of my favorite subjects! Only this time, I am hoping that other people are interested too. I will be graduating in May and I will be looking for a full time job. This blog is to make people aware of what I do, so maybe they can help me with my job search. I will try to make it as little like a resume as possible.

Name: Lena Michelle English
Age: 22
Degree: Associate of Arts and Science in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Multimedia(in May)

I am looking for a full time job, prefferably with medical benefits, and that pays at least $10.50/hour. I am good at receptionist and assistant positions, but would rather something a little more hands on. I do graphic design (forms, ad layout, banners, hand outs, etc.), stained glass, a little painting, some photography, and some clay work.

I am looking for something that will challenge my artistic skills but also allow me to contribute positively to the company. I think an entry level designer would be perfect. I need a company that understands that I am just out of college so I don't have a ton of experience, and that would be willing to help me get that experience.

If anyone knows of any of these type positions available, please let me know, or give them my email: I have resumes available. Thank you for your help.


Dixie Chic said...

Good luck with the job search- you deserve a chance to prove yourself! :)

BoyWonder said...

I would hire you! Will you be my social cordinator/ personal assistant?

loudaisy said...

okay first comment, love the Gerber Daisy picture that is new. and Second, You are amazing and talented and will find the job of your dreams. I know it. I will keep my eyes and ears open

Gatnnos said...

I will watch for something for you - is Florida ok?

WonderKitty said...

Yeah, thats awesome! As long as airfare is included!

CTuna said...

You forgot the want ads. Or is it and all the million other job finding websites. Good luck. I remember will the feeling of no experience or little experience. Now the problem I have it too much experience. Duh..

Dave S. S. said...

You forgot to mention that you are married to Nik, they may take pity on you.