Saturday, April 14, 2007

Whats in a purse?

In acceptance of Lou's challenge, I am posting a list of the random things in my purse. On a similar note, my mom recently threw a Mary Kay party for me and my girlfriends, and we played the "whats in your purse" points game that we played at my ward RS Birthday Party. I didnt win, but I was second place. My friend Ana won, but she had three books in her purse. Lucky.

Checkbook wallet includes:
one and a half sticks of spearmint gum
plastic (debit, Costco, school ID, library card)
many movie ticket stubs from about a year back
drivers license
SS card ( i know, take that out ASAP)
3 Yu-gi-oh cards
many fortunes
a guitar pick
full size Avon Lotion
smal tin of mints from Hot Topic, its a kick-A** tin too
unopened packet of Orbit Spearmint gum
watch with wedding ring attached
Nursery closet key
keys with 2 sharpie mini's attached
2 trial size Mary Kay "Embrace Today" lotions
2 Bath and Body works lip glosses, one Apple Torte, one Tinted MInt
one chinese die
small bottle of hand sanitizer gel
Asprin bottle with various pain killers inside
one black pen
one regular tampon (sorry if that offends anyone)
silver heart pendant necklace
plastic spider ring from halloween

There, that is everything that is in my purse, and now that I know this, i will remove about half of it. Sometimes I am amazed at what fits in my little flowered purse.

While looking through what I have in here, I started to think about what the junk in my purse must say about me. I found a few sites on the matter, and one that will help us all get a little more organized. I hope you enjoy them.

I tag Polli and my mom!,,696817_696876,00.html’s-In-Your-Purse?--3-Simple-Steps-to-Organize-and-Lighten-Your-Load&id=334001


AubGoofy said...

I never knew all that could fit in your purse. Maybe mine since it's more of a bag. That is awesome. Your purse is pretty cool.

loudaisy said...

Wow that is impressive that you fit all of that in your purse. Hmm I am going to go ck out that website

Gatnnos said...

That is a lot of stuff in your little purse! It is a really cute purse though.

Kersten said...

I am really glad that men don't carry purses. It would just be another place to hide belly-button lint.

Dave S. S. said...

I know you said you got a purse, but why are you holding a flowerpot?