Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bittersweet Day

Today was a bittersweet day. A couple things were good about today. One: I got to babysit sweet Ally baby! We had a great time and she even laughted at me. Real laughs! I love it when she laughs. I got to watch her yesterday too, so she even remembered me. We like to dance to the music that plays on one of her toys. She thinks I dance funny. I agree. Two: I got to see my mom today. I had left a basket of laundry in her washer the other day and I came to get it today and she had even folded it for me. It was great! I didn't get to stay long, but it was fun to talk. My dad came home after a while but he had lots of work to do downstairs, so I just got to say hi. Three: I got an email from the Passport people saying that my passport had been processed and I would be recieving it on september 17th. Yay! I was so worried that I would not get it on time to go to Mexico with our friends. Now we just need to find some plane tickets in time.

Now for the one that trumps them all. The problem is that this one makes the other ones null and void. I found out today that I am no longer in the running for the IHC job I wanted. Bummer. I was so down. Luckily I was with Ally at the time so I didnt have much of a chance to get TOO down on myself. But it is hitting me now. I kind of stopped looking when I got the interviews with IHC. So now I need to start looking again. I am really bummed. I am wondering about this trip to Mexico and if it will really happen even with my passport coming in time. If you know of any full time job openings I am all ears. Thanks.


Gatnnos said...

I am glad you had a fun day today, but I am sorry about the IHC job - I know you really wanted it. The Lord knows where he wants you - you will find it sooner or later - sometimes it just takes A LOT of PATIENCE!!!!!! We will keep an ear out for you. Have you looked on

loudaisy said...

Oh, Lena I am so sad about the IHC jobs. I know that you were really hoping for them to work. Way to find the good things about today. Allie is so fun and quite a cute distraction. I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for jobs

Mimi said...

OH Lena I am so glad that Allie was there to distract you. Look on they had some jobs that are in your degree that I noticed.

Dixie Chic said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the IHC job. They are SO FRIGGIN' picky! They tend to hire within first, and even when Benji was WORKING THERE, he wasn't "qualified enough" for the simplest position. "Qualified", my foot. We honestly think they were predudiced against his hearing-loss/way he talked. (The people who were in these certain areas of the hospital ALL knew Benji). Anyway. Can you tell I still hold some resentment after 9 years? Lol. I agree that the Lord knows where He wants you. It is so hard to keep faith when it seems like everything is going against you. (((Hugs)))
Your favorite cousin