Thursday, September 27, 2007

Photo Memories

I decided to take an idea from Amy and I found a few pictures that mean a lot to me and I am going to do a short tribute to them. I will try not to bore anyone.

Nik and I have a lot of pictures like this and this is by no means the first one. I like this picture so much because I think it was taken the day he came home from Atlanta. He had been there on a painting trip for Laser Quest and he was there like 4 days longer than he was supposed to be. Also, he almost missed my birthday. I think it was only like 2 days away. I was very excited to see Nik again. And his hair was SO long! It was nuts! I have never seen it that long since.

This is my beloved cat Ebony. I got her as a kitten from my aunt who accidently breeds cats. Ebony was pretty skittery and only friendly on her own terms. But she loved me and slept on my bed everynight. Sometimes I took a second chair when it came to room on the bed at night. It was worse than sharing a bed with Nik! Kidding! My family definatly had different views on Ebony than I did, and ultimately it was those views combined with Nik's allergies that decided her future. One of my favorite memories of Kitty was when she was still a kitten. My mom and I were down stairs folding laundry and this huge! moth comes flying in the room. Now neither of us is really scared of moths, so we didn't think much of it. Suddenly, in dashes the cat and in one fluid movement she is in the air, level with the light bulb, grabs the moth in her teeth and is down on the floor eating it. Litterly happened in less than 3 seconds. It was awesome!

This is the first picture of me and Nik EVER! It was taken on our second date. Vivian had just got a new camera for Christmas and we went to Quick Wits with her, Jake and her brother Andy. Vivian was taking pictures of everyone and I was talked into posing with Nik. Obviously Nik is better at it than me. It is an entertaining picture and I love that we have something from that early in our relationship. Oh, and that is one of the guys from Quick Wits in the back ground. I forget his name.

Thanks for taking this walk down memory lane with me. I hope to find some more great pictures to share soon.


Dixie Chic said...

Those are great pictures! I LOVE reading about people's lives. I'd love to see more! (I'm envious of your really "early" couple photo- I don't think I have one single picture of Benji and I together during the 4 months before we got married!)

BoyWonder said...

that is amazing you remember all that stuff about when I was in Atlanta...It makes me want to remember stuff more....Love you baby!

Kathy said...

Wow, you even made that stupid cat seem nice!

loudaisy said...

That was really fun to see those pics and the memories with them. Thanks for sharing all that fun stuff.

Kathy said...

How are preparations for your trip going? Wanna borrow a camera?

Gatnnos said...

How fun for you guys to have such GREAT pictures. Thanks for sharing!