Monday, June 16, 2008

Fun-Filled Weekend

This weekend was SO busy! Its a good thing I accidental fell asleep on the couch Saturday afternoon, or I would never had made it.

Friday night Jeff slept over to help me out at our neighborhood yard exchange Saturday morning, and he and Nik played games for a couple of hours before turning in. Jeff and I got up early and loaded up the car. Down at the church the bowery was PACKED! So...much...stuff...And it was even better because it was free! We donated, so I didn't feel bad looking around.

Jeff found a tie with Marvin the Martian (my favorite Looney Tunes character) all over it, and a shirt...I think. I found a bunch of clothes for my niece and nephew and a Frisbee and some racket balls (hehe) for me, and a pair of pants for Nik. Over all, much more left the house than came back in. I good thought. I did go yard saleing afterward, but still, didn't buy too much more stuff. I mean, we got rid of a dresser. And I didn't buy any furniture. Tempted, but no. I did, however, find a running stroller for the F* family. I hope they have a good time running!

After the shopping spree I had an hour or so before I needed to be at Liz Longakers baby shower, so I changed my clothes and wrapped the gift. And sat. Sitting is good.

The shower was a good time, and I hadn't seen a couple of the ladies in a long time, so it was even more fun. Here are a few pictures of the event.

Cute prego Liz!
This is what we gave her. I had one bag with baby meds and one bag with clothes and stuff.
I died for these little sandals.

This has baby Snoopy going camping on it and went with some camo-green overalls.
This is the other Liz as we are playing a very disgusting candy bar game. This supposedly melted white chocolate Reeses looks a little too real for my comfort.


After the shower I had a few more minutes to spare (this is when I fell asleep on the couch) then I changed again and met Laurie and Kersten at their house before going to Annie's house. Annie and her kids are new friends of Lou and Ten and now, new friends of mine too. We walked (about 3 miles straight up hill...I am exagerating a little, but not much) to the park where there was an out doors festival with all kinds of booths and such. The main attraction for us was that Peter Breinholt played and took requests for about an hour. The kids weren't as engaged, but then the zoo people came out and brought so super cool animals out for the kids to see and touch. Below are some pictures, including one of Noah and Lily (Noah's girl friend), holding a REALLY big snake!
Peter B.!
Very scrunchy baby. She fell asleep before we even got to the music.
Noah and Lily at the end of a huge snake. They were both very brave and held up their end like pros!
Nik thought he would be funny. And it may have worked if I had actually done the Photoshop stuff we talked about.

Annie's son Jacob(?) was very into Sofie that day. But I think it was mostly her pacifier.

I guess that is all for now. I went crazy taking pictures last week, and I hope to post a bunch more, but I think I have made you suffer enough for now.


Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

good times!

Kathy said...

The yard exchange was fun. We love looking at your pictures!

loudaisy said...

Such a fun weekend. Your pictures turned out so fun. I am so glad we went to the festival. The snake was pretty cool. Thanks for coming. And for finding that awesome jogging stroller

Anonymous said...

Lacey had that game at her baby shower, too, and those melted candy bars ARE a bit to "real"- it made me wanna yak a couple of times! Lol!