Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Marshmallow faced babies, meditating wrestlers and dogs with birthday hats on.

Since I am so behind, I will do one of those all encompasing catch up posts we are all so familiar with. Well, here goes...

For Memorial Day my friend Sami had a bunch of us up to her family's cabin. Sami origionally told me it was only about 30 minutes outside the valley, but when we met to carpool up there, she revealed it was in Oakley. Ok, so for those of you who know your Utah geography, Oakley is NOT 30 minutes away. More like an hour or more. Oh well, we made it. We roasted hot dogs with her sister's friends and then roasted marshmallows before it got to cold to be outside. We only stayed a couple of hours cause I was in the car with the child (I rode with Vivian and Xander), but we weren't the only ones with kids, so it wasn't a big deal for us to leave early. We all had a good time, and it was fun to get out of the city for even a little while. It was very pretty. Oh, and as we were leaving I managed to sprain my ankle about 10 feet from the car. Go me. I was also carrying Xander and I pride myself on not falling on the child as I fell. Viv even said it was kind of graceful how I got to the ground. Lucky for me Vivian is an EMT and was able to take good care of me and get me to the car with no problems. The pain went away pretty quick, but came back about half way down the canyon. Glad I wasn't driving. I was a big gimp the rest of the day (though I did manage to play some Rock Band with Viv and Jake when we got home) but here I am a week later and I am mostly better. Similar to being mostly dead, so no going through my pockets for loose change.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from the outing.

Later, on Memorial Day Nik's family had a party as well. Since I was such a gimp I had a good excuse to just sit on the couch and hold the baby. I have such a hard life. I wasn't much hungry so I just watched everyone else. It was a pretty sweet get together and Nik and the kids were happy cause they all got to wrestle. There was even a surprise ambush by Emilee and a retaliation by Kersten. It was an intense match. Here are some pictures of the night:

Nik taught the boys to meditate before they wrestle, the is about as serene as they got. They even said "ohmmmm." It was pretty cute.

Sofie looks so cute in this picture, Kersten, not so much.

Finally, we had a birthday party for our good friend Spencer Slade the other day. It was supposed to be up the canyon, but it was on the second day of that first crappy week-long storm we got, so Spencer's Wifey imporvised and we had it at his parents house (which is fine, they live up the street from us) and used their new fire pit to do the same tin-foil dinners we were planning for the mountains. It was so much fun! And there was a great turnout. Spencer is truely well loved. Jess even made some delicious strawberry short cake. A good time was had by all. Happy Birthday again Spencer!


Kathy said...

Sorry about your ankle. I guess you inherited my grace! It looks like it was fun, though. Cute babies!

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

dude we need to get the meditating video on here...it is awesome!

Anonymous said...

it looks like you had a FUN time!! CUTE babies, btw!! I love that blue hat- did his mom make it? CYOOT! I like the fire pit- I REALLY want one for our yard, too. I just loooove campfires. It looks like you guys have so much fun with your plethora of friends! At least ONE of us turned out to be popular! Lol!

Jessica said...

I love the picture of Spence with Peaches standing in his lap. I'm so glad you are such an avid picture taker, Lena. :)

JakeD said...

I agree with Jess, the pic with Peaches on Spences lap is a definite keeper. You can count one more person who truly loves Mr. Spence