Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter was pretty laid back this year. It was kind of nice. We went to church (some of us later than others), ate candy (Willey The Rabbit hid Nik's basket in the dryer and he was pretty stumped. But at least he got all that Reeces candy he wanted. Cadbury eggs for me), went to my parents house for an early dinner and went for a nice walk in very nice weather. I did not take more than like 5 pictures that day. And they were all on the walk. I have not even looked at them yet, so I don't know if they turned out.

I need to start walking more often now that it is a little warmer at night, if I am ever going to get some semblance of shape for the 5K. So very, very out of shape. So if anyone is interested in evening walks when it is warm, let me know. I am up for company.


Vivian said...

I was thinking about how you said you needed a kid to justify an Easter egg hunt... but you could just have one with Nik, he hides your eggs, you hide his eggs, and you pick a different room so there's no chance of running into each others hiding spots! Do it tomorrow, you will love it.

Talina said...

I wouldn't mind going for evening walks on warmer nights. . . those nights seem very far from now and I watch the blizzard outside my office window. . . But I like walks. Maybe we can get bikes and relive our pre-teen years as well ;)

Lisa Louise said...

i'd love to grab a walk! I need to just do i nice walk as part of the taper for the half marathon sat. Also I love that you hid nik's basket!!