Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ok, now I'm complaining too

I spent most of March telling people to suck it up. It was still winter here in Utah, and you should stop complaining about the snow. IT HAPPENS. I hate the cold, and I hate the snow, but I have lived in Utah my whole life and I have the weather pattern figured out now.

Snow and cold from November to March
Nice, sunny and warm for about 3 weeks in April
HOT from May to August
Nice and Fall like in September

And yes, its Utah, and this changes a little bit every once in a while, but generally "its humid in Texas in August". Get over it.

But now? It's April. Time for spring. The tulips are coming up, there are buds on the trees, and every once in a while you don't need a jacket. No more snow. Rain, fine. Wind, sure. No more snow.


Vivian said...

It's snowed on my birthday many a year, Lena. Suck it up! :) but i agree with you!! DOWN WITH SNOW!

Kathy said...

I'm ready to go work in the yard! I want to get my hands in the dirt already! At least it's only rain today.

Talina said...

I agree with Viv. April is all about playing street hockey one day and ice hockey the next. Speaking of crazy Utah weather and street hockey, I remember one Christmas when it was 65 degrees and sunny so we got to go out and use our brand new street hockey equipment that day. The moral of the story? Get street hockey gear for Christmas and sleds for Easter cause Utah weather is crazy.

Lisa Louise said...

It often snows in April! I ski in it every year. Sorry about the snow though.

Heather said...

We always get snow in April up here in Logan. But I'm with you. I've been expecting it to be nasty, and still I'm tired of it. We don't get much of a "spring" here.