Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Personal Mission

There is a term used around my family to describe the meat my Dad buys on sale at Albertsons: Used Meat. If anyone is not familiar with the Used Meat section of your local grocer it is where they put the meat that is very close to the "sell by" date, and must either be used that day, or frozen. My dad stocks up on this cause he had a big freezer in the garage. I usually only get one or two things due to my miniature storage space. But this is not my point.

Because the Used Meat section is where the almost expired meat goes, its stands to reason that the Used Plant section is where they would put the plants past their prime. All grocery stores with a floral department have this section. It is usually a shopping cart full of cut flowers with brown petals and potted plants with only a few leaves left. A last ditch effort to get some money for something that is not pretty anymore.


Do I look like I care if it is pretty?

I have made it a personal goal to rescue as many plants from the Used Plant section as possible. Why, just last night on my stop at Albertsons to get dinner I stumbled on some Freesia plants that not only still had quite a few beautiful yellow-orange flowers, but were marked down from $9.99 to $2.99. SCORE!!!

I have not figured out where I am going to put my new acquisition, but I don't think that is really the point. I have rescued yet another plant wasting away in the shopping cart of doom.

Nik is just lucky I don't frequent the animal shelters.


Kathy said...

Wow! I need to go to the Albertson's you go to! Ours never has that nice of used plants!

Vivian said...

Hehehe. . . used meat, used plants, used animals. . . they all need some lovin'

Talina said...

"Used" meat just sounds wrong. I often buy these as well, though at Smith's I think they call them "Manager's special" or something like that. Apparently the manager really likes almost expired meat products. Interesting. . . .
I like your pretty plants. I keep thinking of getting a plant. . . though you'd probably have to come rescue it after a couple of weeks, based on my track-record.