Thursday, July 09, 2009

I got an email from the Relay For Life about another fund raiser they are doing, that Nik and I are participating in. I thought I would open it up to those in the blogosphere:

We have a fun opportunity from the Salt Lake office of the American Cancer Society, and I wanted all of you to have first dibs on it. Next Tuesday night, the American Cancer Society will be hosting a pre-screening of Harry Potter at 9:00 PM at the Gateway Megaplex in Salt Lake. You can be the first to see the new Harry Potter movie! For$25 you will get a treat bag, door prize, a chance to win a Wii entertainment system and the best part is a huge portion of your ticket sales goes right back to your Relay!!! That's right - this is a fundraiser! If you are interested give Erin Barker a call at 801.493.4709. Tickets are going fast!

We already have our tickets but more can be purchased anytime (cause they are GA we can sit together too!) so if you are interested, let me know! Or just call Erin....

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