Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Wishes Continue!

Happy birthday to my sister-in-law Amy! She is a year older then me, so that makes her a whole 26 this year. She's so old! :) She is also lucky enough to get to go to the zoo today and see the cute baby animals that are there right now. She has been talking about it for like a week, so I hope she went. I am very jealous, cause I LOVE the zoo. In fact, if some of you remember, that is what I did for my birthday last year. Its a great birthday outing. I want to hear about the trip Amy!!

Just a few things about Amy:
* She is totally selfless. She will do anything in her power to help you.
* She is hilarious! I love talking with Amy cause she will always make me laugh.
* She has an amazing talent with hair. We are all so proud of her for finding this power and using it for good. Imagine what she could do if she focused on evil!
* She is a great mom. Little Ally is so lucky to have such a fun and attentive mom.
* She is creative. All the time. Like, it comes out her pores. And you can smell it.

Happy Birthday!!


Talina said...

Happy Birthday Amy! Never in my life have I had so many compliments on my hair as the last year, since I've had you cut it for me. You are amazing! . . . and I think I need another haircut. You may be hearing from me ;)

CTuna's Cavern said...

We all love our Amy that's for sure.

Laurie said...

I for one am glad Amy has not focused her hair power on evil. The zoo was fun and I am so glad she had a happy birthday