Saturday, September 05, 2009

Its the hat

It's no secret that I don't like country music. See Taylor Swift post. But I will admit to tolerating a couple artists every now and then. Among the ones I can stand are Keith Urban and Dierks Bently. I believe that they are less twangy than some of their brothers.

Anyway, after failing at singing a Dierks Bently song on Rock Band I developed a theory as to why this is. Its the hat. Example:

Dierks Bently (never photographed in a hat)

Keith Urban: (hair to great to be contained by a hat)

Both have music that is still decidedly country, but lacks the twang of the 80's and 90's country that gives the music style a bad name.

Example for the opposition: Twangy artists and their accompanying hats:

Trace Adkins:

Alan Jackson:

Brooks and Dunn: (I maintain it is the guy in the hat that does most of the singing)

Toby Keith: (Dad, I am embarrassed to know that in your old age you have reverted to listening to him. I don't care that it is because he has funny music on Bob and Tom.)

George Strait: (possibly the worst offender of them all)

That is just a few examples. And yes, this only includes the male singers. Don't get me started on Reba McEntire or Shania Twain. Hats or not.

Ok, start yelling at me.

ps- it should be noted that I had some co-workers help me with the names of most of these men. I relied on my experience selling CD's to fill in the rest.


Anonymous said...

I love this a million times over.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I think they are all sexy!! I think I am going to start wearing a cowboy looks really good

Vivian said...

Rascal Flatts also opted for the no hat style. They follow the theory you suggest, being less twangy country and awesome.

TStevens said...

My wife went with me on a business trip once. I came back to the hotel to find her in tears. She had been channel surfing and had landed on CMT. She watched it all day and it broke her down. It has been three years since that fateful day and she is still a full time country addict.

I don't complain because it is better than the Barbra and Barry she had been listening to.

Kathy said...

Friends don't let friends listen to country music!