Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Catch up #2

Told you there would be more. There is always more.


Nik is teaching little Noah to wrestle just like the big boys. Spencer has just about mastered the art of living room wrestling and just won the Belt in a 2 on 1 tag team match with Noah. It was intense! Here are some pictures from a recent match in F's living room in which Allie decided to step in and help Noah.

The back breaker!
In the pain!
Pile Driver!
Then Allie steps in to help Noah...just in time!

You can see that Allie is a natural as well. This should be interesting....



The following pictures are some refference shots we took last night for another painting Nik needs to do for class. I picked some of my favorites and I am going to ask all of you in blogger land to help us pick the best one for Nik to paint. Please take in to account the lighting, contrast and value of the objects in the shot, and the composition. Also, if there are parts of one that you like, let us know. You can just reffer to them in numbers. Thanks for your help!

Look forward to the feedback!

Oh! If you haven't read the Catch Up from below, check it out!


Kathy said...

I like #6. They are all nice. I can't wait to see the finished project! Good luck, Nik

Annabelle said...

I like numbers 5 and 6 the best, I think the contrast of the dark backgrounds works well with the martini glass. I'm not so hot on the white background.

Anonymous said...

My first choice was #6, too. I also like #1. Good luck!

It looks like Nik is going to be a GREAT dad!

loudaisy said...

love the pics of wrestling. I am so glad that you took them. I also like #6. Very cool

Dave S. S. said...

I now know the secret that Nik uses for his artistic talent. First he Boosts his ego by beating small children and then he has a glass of vodka. And finally he sits down and paints in a drunken testosterone induced stupor.