Friday, March 21, 2008

Human Stupidity

It is time to vent about work. Everyone, please take this as friendly advice for the next time you go to the bank.

As most of you know, I work at a bank. Or a Credit Union to be exact. I have been here for just about 3 months now, so I figure I have the gist of the job figured out. There are still some things that I haven't mastered and some things that I don't need to know because of my lowly teller position, but for the most part, I get it. And I definitely know what bugs me.

1. The sign that says "Please wait here for next available teller" is not there to look pretty. It is serious. Please wait HERE until I am available. I do not become available just because the last guy leaves. Besides possibly still having his personal account information up on my computer, there are things I need to do to finish up the last transaction before I am ready for the next one. And nothing is more nerve wracking that having some stranger watching from less than two feet away. Please, wait at the sign until I call you over. Promise it won't be more than seconds.

2. If you are depositing large amounts of cash (which I hope all of you are able) please know how much is there. Count it three times if you have to. When I count it and you don't know how much is there, you have no room to pitch a fit if I put the wrong amount in you account. To freakin' bad. Also, the deposit and with drawl slips are there for a reason. It provides us both with proof of the transaction. If there is a problem and you didn't fill out a slip, there may be nothing I can do for you. From the other side, if you don't fill out a slip and my drawer is off, I might get in trouble if we can't find the outage. Be kind, rewind.

3. Our security measures are in place for a reason. We had you set up a password for a reason. We ask you your password for a reason. Please do not get mad if I ask you your password. Just give it to me! Anyone who has suffered from fraud of some sort, should appreciate this action.

4. For all intensive purposes, you only have one account number. Yes, I know, many of us have multiple accounts at multiple banks. But here is what I am getting at. When you come to me and say "I want to move some money into my checking." That is not a different account. That is a different suffix. Quit telling me you have four accounts. You have one account that has a savings, a checking, a money market and you have a car loan (for example). Its all under the same account. Trust me.

5. No matter how funny you think you are. When you are getting $50 cash back and I ask you how you want it back, you do not say "In hundreds." Its not funny. You are not so much more clever than me that I will think "Oh, he wants hundreds, I should pull some out of my drawer." I know you are just getting $50, and if you don't say something I will give you two twenty's and ten. Deal with it.

6. It is not my fault your checking account is in the negative. When you opened the account we told you that if you spent more money than you had we would charge you a fee. Every time. If you wrote 5 checks and the third one takes your account in the negative, so you are charged 3 fines, it is not my fault. You should have been watching your money closer.

Ok, I guess that is enough venting. Please take this information to heart, and feel free to pass it around. Maybe some day people will learn.


Kathy said...

Wow! Having a bad day sweetheart? What if your CU doesn't provide you with deposit slips? What if you really have two accounts? Cut us some slack, too! (LOL)

loudaisy said...

THanks for the advice. Very good information and I am glad I have never done any of that. I like this drama from a bank tellers life. It is awesome. I love the venting.

Spencer said...

That is very good advice and humorous. I got a good laugh while reading it.

Dave S. S. said...

So you're saying that most bank tellers have PMS?

Dixie Chic said...

I'm one of those who thought that savings, checkings, etc were all separate accounts? I would have NEVER EVER known they were all separate. I can see your point about everything else BUT #4. We as bank members don't know everything, dear! Lol!

Dixie Chic said...

I hope you're having a better day, chickadee! :)