Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Things We Do For Free Stuff

Earlier in the week I heard on the radio that the station (107.9 The Mix, the same that sent us to U23D) was going to do a special promotion at the Sky Bar on top of the Red Lion Hotel down town on Friday night. I immediately knew I wanted to be there. The promo said that they would be giving away a pair of Matchbox 20 tickets every 10 minutes from 9pm-11pm. I have been dying to go to this show since I first heard about it. They are coming this Thursday the 6th to The E-Center and Alanis Moresette is opening for them. For some, this may be a down side, but I am excited about it.

I called all my girlfriends begging them to come down with me, and no one could come. Everyone has real lives, like school. Oh well. When I told Nik about it he was surprisingly fine with going. My spirits were raised once more! When Friday came around, we both had the day off, so we spent it running errands. Unfortunately, Nik make it too far into the day before he got a really bad head ache. I took pity on him and let him lay on the couch and watch DVR wrestling while I scrubbed the Gross chocolate milk smell out of his passenger seat, and moved boxes out of the kitchen. I know, that makes me sound angry, or like some sort of martyr, but I am not angry, and my only motive for letting him lay and watch TV was that I needed him whole for the thing that night.

So last night about 8:15 I start getting ready (amid a slightly heinous stomach ache that I can't figure out why keeps coming back) and as we are talking about the things we will need for the night I turn to Nik and say "I bet I need my ID to get in, huh?" He responds in the affirmative. DANG!!! I left my wallet, and all the contents there-of, in my drawer at work! I knew this all day, I even couldn't close my stupid account at Mountain America cause I didn't have it! And I never thought to get it. I was going to be at work the next day anyway. ARGH!!! I was almost in tears trying to find a valid phone number for my manager at work, thinking that she lives close, maybe I could convince her to let me in if I promised to be fast. Unfortunately I got bupkis. Nothing. The only number listed for her was the credit union number. *sob*

I finally called the Sky Bar and asked if there was like a stamp or something I could get that said I wasn't going to drink, but they said no. I needed an ID. After thinking for a moment I asked if there was any alternative to a drivers license I could use to get in. After a few suggestions the guy mentioned a passport. Hey! I have a passport now! And I know where it is! Hoorah! So I wake Nik from his couchy slumber and we head down town.

The whole way Nik is saying, "I don't know if we will even get in." But I never lost faith. And low and behold, no line. We went right up, showed out ID's, paid the cover charge, and found a seat.

Nik got nachos and I got water (anyone surprised?) and then they announced the first winner. IT WAS NIK!!! OH MY GOSH!! We hadn't even gotten our food yet! Awesome! Matchbox 20! Yay!

Anyway, I convinced Nik to stick around to see if I could win too, then we could take friends, but alas, two more hours and nothing. (plus, I am not a big dancer, so we just watched everyone else dance and played the "Who would you do" game") At the end they gave away meet and greet passes, and an autographed guitar, but we didn't win those either. Oh well. At least we have tickets!

The show is this Thursday at the E Center and I am so excited. Although, I am at a disadvantage. Since Nik is the one that one the tickets, he gets to decide who he takes with him. Which, he says, is not necessarily me. Even though...It was me that heard about the promotion and it was me that dragged him down there. He says I "have to be good" to earn the ticket. Everyone wish me luck. On a similar note, Nik did say that he would leave the second ticket open for anyone who wanted to "compete" for it. But you won't, if you know whats good for you.

Yay! Matchbox 20!


Lisa Louise said...

i'm so glad you got the tickets!! And i'm totally jealous, have a rockin time for me!!

loudaisy said...

Wow, I can't believe you won again. So awesome. It will be a great concert. Have a total great time

Kathy said...

If Nik knows what's good for him he'll take you! Or me! I love Alanis Moriset!

Nik said...

everyone has a just need to do nice things for me...and maybe I will choose you :)

Dixie Chic said...

Okay, Lena- you just tell that Nik that he wouldn't have won the tickets if you didn't go through all that hassel in the first place! ;)

He'll take you, or he'll have a lot more "couchy" slumbers in his near future! LOL!