Saturday, March 15, 2008

Catch up

Today I am going to use my very long, slow day at work to play catch up with the photos and events I have neglected in the last couple weeks. There are still some pictures on my camera of things like Sofia's blessing that will have to wait some more, but most of the stuff should be here. The events are in no particular order.

Angie's Bridal Shower!

My sister-in-law Amy threw this great shower for her bestest of best friends Angie who got married last month. It was a swingin' party and we played all sorts of fun games and ate some great food. Amy even got me my own pizza with out tomato sauce, so I could eat too! Here are some pictures from the night:

This is Angie, doesn't she look so cute in her boa!
Here is some of Amy's (and my) family that came to support the bride. They have known Angie's family since the dawn of time.
These are the friends of the bride, but unfortunately, I do not remember their names. I do know that cute, pizza covered smile belongs to my niece Kara.

One of the games we played was to make toilet paper wedding dresses. I had never actually done this before, but it was so much fun. Our team had two models, one is Kristin, (two above) my niece, and the other is future brother in law, Gerold's, daughter (directly above), but I can't remember her name! She was so cute though!
This is Kristin's dress all done! Blushing bride!
Here is Angie's dress all finished. Her group went all out! It was amazing.

I am not posting pics of the gifts, some of them are not appropriate for the younger audiences. They were good though!


Pizza Night!

We were invited over for a date night at our friend's Stephanie and Dan's house. Well, kind of. They were house sitting for Steph's parents and it was at their house. Big house. Very big house.

We started the night with a tour, which lasted a couple hours. That's another poke at how big the house was. Then we got our pizza on! Dan made this amazing dough and we got to roll it out ourselves. We all brought a topping (Nik and I brought pepperoni and artichoke hearts) and when the dough was rolled out we loaded on the toppings. As we finished Dan put them in the oven. Below are pictures from that night!

Here is the gang rolling out the dough.
Spencer, his wife Jess and our hostess Stephanie.
Miss Lisa and her Date. Some one fill me in on his name...
Nik is being some sort of Vogue pizza maker here. I think he would call himself Iron Chef Nikimoto.
Spencer showing off his mad pizza skills. And amazed on looker Jess.

It was good times.

I guess that's all for now. But there will be plenty more coming up!


Mimi said...

Thanks Lena! I am so glad you had a fun time because I was worried that people would get bored it was an interesting group of people. I loved it though and Angie had a blast. BTW can I get those pics from you Angie lost all hers on her honeymoon when her camera got stolen. I would love to give them to her.

Pizza Night looks like a blast. I hope it tasted as good as it looks

Kathy said...

Sounds like it was all a great time. Cute pictures, too.

Jessica said...

Fun night! Lisa's date's name was Clayton ps.

Anonymous said...

Okay that Pizza Night sounds like a LOT of fun!!! Of course, I think it would only be THAT fun if it were always held in a mansion. ;1

Dave S. S. said...

I can almost see Nik saying "Touch the Pizza, Love it feel it."