Monday, September 22, 2008

Birthday Party #2

Last night we had a combined birthday party/dinner for the September birthdays on Nik's side. Yesterday was the real birthday of Amy and the early birthday for me and Audrey. My mother in law made delicious lasagna for everyone else and Al (stepfather-in-law) made me some great chicken Alfredo. I was amazed cause usually I am not a big fan of the Alfredo sauce, but this was really good! I ate a whole plate! There was also broccoli, home made bread, salad and three kinds of home made jams. My favorite was the crab apple. Go figure.
After dinner we had cake and ice cream (provided by Amy) and exchanged gifts. We got Amy some (in my opinion) sweet awesome hair accessories and Audrey wall and car chargers for her iPod (which, unfortunately did not make it in time to give them to her last night, but they should be in this week, so no worries. Here is what I got:

Above is from Jeanne, a great olive green purse and matching scarf headband. I love them both!

This game is from Audrey and Danny, I already made Nik promise to play with me. I love Warner Brothers!

This is a combined gift from Emilee and Amy. The picture is from Em's recent wedding and we both look GORGEOUS! The books are some that the library Em works at was going to get rid of and she snatched them for me. Fraggles are my favorite. And season 6 of Gilmore Girls. I am only one season away from the complete series....

Below are some of my favorite pictures from the evening. Check out my web gallery for the rest.

(this picture is great cause just moments later Christopher puts a handfull of grass on Sofia's head. And she just looks at him like "why would you do that?")

PS: I don't think I have one photo of the cousins where everyone is looking at the camera. I hope Jeanne has some....


Kathy said...

Cute pictures! You are really getting a haul this birthday! Maybe I should count the presents you've already received as part of the 24!

Jessica said...

You are such a celebrated lady! You deserve it! Happy Bday!

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

fun presents!

TStevens said...

Things I should be embarrassed to admit, except I lack that ability.

I have seen every episode of Gilmore Girls - and LOVED IT!!!