Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 Tag!

5 Years Ago:
1. Just Graduated from High School
2. Just started at SLCC
3. Hanging out with Vivian like, everyday.
4. Working at Bath and Body works
5. still reveling in my first cell phone.

5 Things on my list for today...
1. Shower
2. Unload the dishwasher
3. Watch some TV
4. Hang out with Talina?
5. Babysit Xander

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Lorna Doon Cookies (thanks Mom)
2. Cold Cereal
3. Craisins
4. Ice cream or popcicles
5. toast

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire...
1. Buy a cool house with a Pool
2. Buy mine and Nik's dream cars
3. Pay off parents house
4. set up college funds for kids
5. Save

5 places I have lived...
1. Oak Harbor WA
2. Cedar City UT
3. Salt Lake City UT
4. Cottonwood Heights UT
5. Murray UT

5 Jobs I have had...
1. Zoo peon
2. Checker/Bagger
3. Bath and Body Works
4. Office Assisant
5. Teller

Oh, now I can tag 5 people... who will they be?
1. MOM!
2. Alison
3. Auschel
4. Mimi
5. Sami! You better do it Sami....


Jessica said...

No way! You worked at a zoo?

Laurie said...

Lena, I give you the letter K
have fun
I think it is way cool that you worked at the Zoo and that you want a house with a pool. Kristin and I are reading this together at our sleepover and we both love that you like Toast as a snack

Kathy said...

I'm glad that you'd like to pay of our house!

Anonymous said...

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