Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jason Mraz

Ok, that show was awesome! Nik and I both splurged and got ourselves tee shirts. Nik's is light blue with a cassette tape with the tape coming out and writing Jason Mraz. Mine is yellow and has the cover art for his new CD along the with name of the tour, Fond of Hats. Yet, they did not sell any hats! Oh, and I have never stood in a Merch line for that long in my life. Nor have I been ignored like that before. Very frustrating.
The lady that opened was very talented, but I did not really enjoy her music. Kind of repetitive, and hard to understand. It was softer music, like Yael Nime and Colbie Callait, only not as pop-y. She was from Ireland, but I could never make out her name. Sorry. She did a good job singing the Lucky duet with him though.
Through out the night he did a couple of really good covers, including Buttercup, and one that I knew from when I grew up, but can't for the life of me remember any of the lyrics or who the original artist was. Very good though. He was also very crowd pleasing. He was energetic and enthusiastic, and funny.
One of the only complaints I had about the show was the songs he chose to sing. He has three albums out and 6 songs on the radio. I could think of at lease 5 songs off of each album that I would have loved to hear, and he only played about half of them. Bummer. During the third encore he played Nik's favorite song Butterfly, but he never got to my favorite one, Geek in the Pink. I was pretty sad. I love that song and I was so looking forward to hearing it live.
One thing he said before a song was something that hit me particularly hard because of my recent stomach aches: "Don't let your head stop you from having a good time." Amen Jason. Amen. That is something I really struggle with.
At the end a stray drunk came to sit behind us, and he brought his beer. Which ended up all over Nik's back and the floor and my camera bag. Luckily the camera was not in the bag at the time. But we came home smelling like beer. Yay. Like Nik said, of all the concerts to get beer spilled on us, it had to be Jason Mraz. Oh well.
Over all it was a very good show. Lots of energy and lots of good music. I am so glad that I had a chance to go to this show, and hope to get another chance later on. Thanks Nik! For my wonderful birthday present and for coming with me!


minisuperbias said...

I was a little jealous before, but he sang Buttercup?!?!? I'm ridiculously jealous now!!!! Glad you had a good time :)

Jessica said...

Lena! I'm so jealous! You guys go to all the great shows.

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

I have always wanted a beer bath and now I can cross that off my Bucket List.

Laurie said...

So glad you got to go. And a bit jealous too. Sounds like it was awesome.... Thought about you both that whole night.