Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I recieved an email recently regarding one of our esteemed Presidential candidates. I'm sure that none of you are strangers to this kind of email: someone has "witnessed first hand" something un-American or un-Presidential and proceeds to tell you why this is SO un-American or un-Presidential that you have to "send this to as many "Americans" as possible to make sure the evil stops here.

Does that sound a little crazy to anyone else?

Please tell me that we are smarter than that. Please tell me that we do not turn on our computers and base our entire voting strategy on an email. And that we do not, in general, believe everything that comes through, just because it came from a friend.

Next time you get an email, or hear a story that sounds just a little off, or maybe a little far fetched. Take it with a grain of salt. And if you feel like that about the email, chances are that others you know will feel the same (or in my case, stronger) about the email, and don't pass it on.

Stop the mud slinging. We all have our opinions and that is great. I even enjoy a friendly debate every once in a while. But don't thrust your opinion on me if I did not ask for.


Vee said...

Oh man i know what you mean. My fam typical believes everything that's FWD to them. I finally had to go over to my mom's house and convince her (with cold hard facts) that have the crap she's reading is to make her feel scared and is either greatly exaggerated or a straight up lie! Man. I know how you feel!

Anonymous said...

I'm in full agreement with ya on this one. I can't stand ANY email that 'claims' things like that. Just because I'm not a democrat doesn't mean that I take an inch of stock in all this CrAp being said about Obama. C'mon, people!!! GMAB!! (Give me a break!) I think we need to use our brains- even a LITTLE bit- when we see OR hear this type of thing. Do your OWN research and THEN come to a conclusion on your OWN. This applies with everything, not just the 'mud slinging' between our presidential candidates/supporters. Good post.

minisuperbias said...

Me three! I generally don't forward these kindof emails because they're not true. So annoying. My mom will send me emails like this, all upset about some evil being done in the world, and I'll have to look it up on Snopes and convince her it's yet another fake-o story. I wonder if your political email is even meant to be more than just a joke by some idiot somewhere. Idiots ;)

Kathy said...

I have just started asking people to stop sending me these emails. I'm tired of being the one to look it up on Snopes.

CTuna's Aquarium with his Sole Mate said...

I'm 60 years old and you don't believe everything you read. There is alot of mud slinging going on and it's just enhanced by the Internet and it's speed. Don't knock the vehicle just the user which I'm happy to hear you are doing. This year is a choice of two bad choices for president which makes it all the harder. Obama doesn't respect this country and that's a fact and he is a typical socialist democrat. McCain is an old man who has been a politician so long he's forgot more than Omaba will know. If we have a democratic congress again at least he would provide a check and balances, But he's old. So good luck on who to vote for. Look at their voting records and make the choice without the media and you'll do fine.

Vivian said...

but my opinion is better than yours.(which is why you are designing my costume...)

Stephanie N. said...

amen. no more crazy forwards.

and none of the canidates are socialists.

just had to say it.