Monday, December 08, 2008

Ghost Town, A Review

Loved it. Loved it. Loved it.

Ricky Gervais is a freaking genious. And Greg Kenear is no shmuck either. It was a great mix of laugh-out-loud comedy, and subtle heart warming-ness.

Here is the story: Ricky Gervais plays a self-centered jerk that comes back from his colonoscopy able to see dead people. Not the disfigured kind like in The Sixth Sense, they are all normal looking. Greg Kinear is one of the ghosts that is trying to get him to do some unfinished business he has with his wife. I can't say much more with out ruining the funny parts, but just know that we laughed out loud through most of the movie, but were not disapointed in the ending.

You should see it.


Vee said...

my bro and i actually wanted to see that but haven't gotten around to it yet. We love ricky gervais!
We'll have to checky it out!
thanks for the positive review

Watson World said...

I didn't even know this movie was out yet. I was trying to figure out what movie we were going to see for date night and now I know. Thanx

Kathy said...

We loved this movie, too!

Nik "the BoyWonder" said...

great movie a classic in the making!