Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Nutcracker Ballet

Last night we all had a great opportunity to see not only the Nutcracker Ballet at Capitol Theater, but to see Kristin dance in it! She played a Blue Soldier during the mice battle. I will admit that because I have horrible eye sight, I did not see which one was her, but all the little blue soldiers did a good job, so I know she did well.

We were lucky because all of the family was able to come to this showing. We sat with Audrey and Kara on one side and Lou and Jeanne on the other. Nik and I both had a couple of "tall" people in front of us, so we got to watch it with our heads together in the middle. It was romantic.
Afterwards we gathered in the lobby for pictures and mingling. We couldn't stay too long cause I had much more soldering stuff to do (I was up till 12:15 doing those stupid pieces). But we stopped for dinner at Village Inn before heading home, and had one of the worst dining out experiences I have ever had. The restaurant smelled like old cigarette smoke and B.O. Then it took them 45 minutes to get us our food, and it was not even cook right. My hash browns were not even close to brown, and my bacon was grossly limp. I sent that back. And I know they just stuck it in the microwave, cause it was all curly on the plate when they took it back, and it was all curly on the plate when they brought it back, it was just more crispy now. Oh well. It tasted alright.

Overall it was a good night. I had never seen the Nutcracker before. I was a little disappointed that Clara does not wake up from her dream. Nik says it is part of the mystery of the show, to not know if it was really a dream, or if the Nutcracker really did come to life. I think, it was a dream and that it is time for her to wake up. I want to know what happens when her parents find her on the couch in front of the tree with a nutcracker doll that is not hers. Oh well, you can't always get what you want.


kiwibabee said...

you are so funny!!! as for Clara with the Nutcracker, it is hers. If you remember her uncle gives it to her, and her little brother breaks it. I know this because I watch Barbie Nutcracker all the time.

The Felts said...

Wow that was a great description of Village Inn... NASTY! But the ballet sounds fun ;D

Laurie said...

It was so fantastic and it was romantic that you and Nik got to watch it with your heads close together.
Kristin was amazing, with my bad eye sight as well