Friday, October 16, 2009

Come on down!!

I love The Price Is Right. It is a great show. And even though Nik would disagree, I think it is just as good with Drew Carey. Maybe even better. Bob was getting bitter.


I got to watch some of it this morning before work (not something I normally get to do) and I realized something...........I like it when people lose. It gives me great pleasure when someone (usually wearing a shirt that says something like "Pick me I'm Spayed!") is so confident that that is exactly where those numbers go, and they are totally going to win that set of luggage and the leaf blower, only to have their dreams smashed against the stage when hear that buzzer. No numbers right. MWAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

I don't know why that is so fun, but it is. And don't get me wrong, I like to see them win too. Usually the ones close to my age, or the little old ladies that remind me of my Grandma Great. Who was a total pro at all the games, and would have won the whole kit and caboodle, had she ever had the chance to play. In fact, I may now be able to trace this whole thing back to Grandma. She used to tend me when I was very little, and we watched The Price Is Right every morning. Did she like to see them lose? Probably not. She was a nice lady. She wanted them to win I am sure.

Maybe I am just jealous. I would love to have that Toyota Corolla, or the his and hers mountain bikes, or the thousands of dollars up for grabs on Plinko.

I can pass on the oriental rug though. Thanks.

Thanks for playing, and remember, have your pets spayed or neutered!!


Anonymous said...

I have always LOVED TPIR. I also loved spouting about how I had an uncle who won his way up on stage. ;) I just wish he'd have gotten farther than that! I wonder if anyone in our family still has that episode....

Kathy said...

Lisa, that episode never aired because of the hostage sitaution! So we all missed it!

I love Drew Carrey on TPIR! He is so excited about every game and doesn't run away from the contestants.

I sort of like to see them lose, but mostly if I would have been right!

minisuperbias said...

I like to see people get what they deserve (probably still not a nice attitude...), but those guys who lose when they're being all cocky, ha!