Monday, October 05, 2009

It's come to this.

(ps- I don't have this many clothes, but that would be nice.)

Ok guys. I've reached the end.

I can't stand my wardrobe anymore. Except my Maleficent shirt, I love that one. Almost everything else I am bored with. I need some new clothes. But I obviously can't afford to get rid of it all and start completely over. So here it is, my one and only plea, if you have a reason to get me a gift, let it be clothes. Or a gift card to a place that sells clothes. I need help.

Also, if you know someone that is my size, let me know, I would love to pass my clothes on to someone who needs them.

Also #2, if you hear of a place that is having a good sale on clothes, I want to hear about it. Saving money makes me happy.


The Felts said...

I suggest Target! I just hit there for a few inbetween size clothes yesterday, GREAT sales going on!

Steve and Annie said...

What size do you wear? My sister is always going through her stuff and I'm sure some of it would fit you.

Samantha Broadhead said...

My sister's small like you too. I'll talk to her and see.

Lena said...

I wear a size 5 pants (possibly a 4...) and small shirts. Thanks guys!

Mimi said...

I can always get you a Discount at JCPenny :)

TStevens said...

If you can find a SPAM® shirt that speaks to you, let me know and I can arrange it.

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