Wednesday, December 09, 2009

So far behind

I have done so much this last month or so and I have not posted about any of it. Instead I post random what-not cause I am at work with no pictures. Now that we don't have our web gallery anymore, I am with out my work link to my home photos. Oh well. Here is a small sampling of what I have done, and you might get pictures of it later.

* Halloween Party to celebrate being done with chemo
* Several hangouts with friends from out of town
* Making suckers for the first time
* New Moon with Kieran and Lou (and spouses)
* Thanksgiving!
* "Little" Spencer's birthday party
* Putting up the tree
* Lots more crafting than I thought I could do, and lots more to do still. (by the way, Amy, sewing your gift yesterday just about had me pulling my hair out!)
* Christmas shopping...

Ok, so now you know what I have been up too. Combine this list with Holiday crowds at work, and I am lucky to be doing anything at all. Merry Christmas everyone!

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