Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the Season

With the bombardment of Christmas music around me all day, I have come to some serious conclusions about my taste in said music.

I hear some pretty crap-tacular stuff on my work radio and some slightly better stuff in my car. Here is a small breakdown of what I like and what makes me want to shoot myself.

The Good:

* Angels We Have Heard On High
* I Heard the Bells
* Hark the Herald Angles Sing

Traditional (ones I grew-up listening to):
* Santa Clause is Coming to Town
* 2000 Miles (The Pretenders)

Non-Traditional (been around for a while, but not "old")
* Last Christmas (Jimmy Eat World version)
* Jingle Bell Rock (not really picky here)
* Winter Wonderland (Jason Mraz version)

The Bad:

* Any version of The Christmas Song (you know, "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...)
* Any artist that sings a gender-based Christmas song, and is the wrong gender. Example: Santa Baby being sung by a man. Trust me. It's been done.
* Anything over played. Even my favorite songs can be ruined by over exposure. Example: Owl City

The Ugly:

* Taylor Swift. Sorry Mason, that's just the way it is.
* Unknown Boy Bands that sing unknown Christmas songs "with feeling"
* Anything by a Crooner that is techno-mixed with a current artist. No. Just....no.

So there it is.

I would like to know what your favorite songs are. Or even more, which ones induce seizures.


Hilary said...

Hate, hate, HATE that Christmas shoes one.

Pippi and George said...

I agree with Hilary.

My favorite album is Bare Naked for the Holidays. Best all around Christmas songs I've ever heard.

Talina said...

I hate Santa Baby. 1) Cause it's disturbing and 2) because once I've heard it, I CAN NOT get it out of my head for HOURS. Stupid song. I've never heard it sung by a guy. I'm undecided on whether that would make it better or worse.

And I LOVE "Angels we have heard on high" and I swear we NEVER sing it at church. . . except of course when you and I request it in Relief Society ;)

Lisa said...

I love almost all christmas music. The ones I love most, though, are the classics (O Holy Night, Little Drummer Boy, etc) that are sung by men with beautiful voices. :) But for the most part, I'm not really that picky at all. Oh, except for Feliz Navidad. I do like the song, but I'd be fine hearing it just ONCE a year. Lol.

Mimi said...

AHH I love Christmas Music! I have to agree though there are some crapy ones out there. Christmas Shoes and Last Christmas I want to die when I hear it.

I have a ton of favorites though inculding
Muppets Christmas with John Denver
Silent Night
Baby It's Cold Outside
Barenaked for Christmas
Christina aguilera Christmas
On this Winters Night with you
Oh and Andy Williams. Its a Classic. I am a nerd and love Marshmallow World and and all those Cheesy songs.

Ahh there are so many I could go on and on

minisuperbias said...

ha ha, have you seen a target commercial where The Christmas Song is sung at the end? I love it! But I can't remember if I love the song or if it's a funny commercial...

Have you listened to Dido or Sarah McLachlan's Christmas/winter albums? Or Dave Matthew's Christmas Song? The best!

Worst? Getting pretty sick of Jingle Bell Rock...