Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 4: Museum of Science and Industry

Ok, so this was possibly the coolest place we went. Utah has nothing that compares to its awesomeness. It is like the Museum of Natural History (*wink*)* and the Children's Museum put together and on crack. So amazing.

This is the front of the building, only what I couldn't fit in the picture were the other two wings on either side. The place was huge!
They had this great Jim Henson exhibit there that we just HAD to go through. Don't tell anyone that I got these pictures. There were "no photography" signs everywhere. I had to be real sneaky. This first one is from my favorite Jim Henson show as a kid, Fraggle Rock. Thats Gobo on the left.
My favorite Jim Henson movie is The Dark Crystal and this is the dress that the Gelfling Kira wears in the show. It looks like it would fall apart if you touched it, which is probably why its behind glass. Its beautiful though, it made me think of Sophia. "You like my dress?"
Still one of my favorite shows. Nothing will ever beat Sesame Street for fun and educational value. I hope it is still on when I have kids. Best friends, Bert and Ernie.
The famous piano man, Rowlf. I love that he is only made from the waist up. But I guess thats all he needs to play the piano!
And me with the big man himself. Kermit the Frog.
This is one end of a ginormous model train set up to be from coast to coast. New York to Seattle. The photo doesn't do it justice. It was bigger than my house. And amazingly detailed.
Cruck Cruck!! This is the biggest pice of farm equipment I have ever seen. It was at least twice as tall as Nik. And very green. You go John Deere.
Nik says he remembers when this car was actually racing. Its a solar car. The first one ever made. They had cars like the Model T and some of the first race cars and a Rolls Royce.
Captain Nik!

*Extra points for anyone who can name the movie.


Kathy said...

Love that movie! "We're Back!"

The pictures are so cute! You're even wearing green to match Kermit!

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